Sunday, July 15, 2018

Zomi leh Alphabet

Alphabet a kici 'basic elements to make words' ahi. A tawm thei pen in bang teng zat a kammal gelh theih a hia, cih ahi mai. Tua bang mah in computer a ding in basic elements 0 leh 1 ahi. Roman alphabet in 'basic element' ahk letter 26 nei hi. Ei Pau zong Roman alphabet zui in i gelh uhi. 

Roman numeral in basic element 7 (sagih) kia a nei hi. Tuate ahihleh I, V, X, L, C, D leh M ahi. Arabic numeral in basic element 10 (Sawm) a nei hi. Tuate ahihleh 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 leh 9 ahi. Hih teng kia gawmkhop kawikawi in number tampi simsenglouh bawlkhiat theih ahi.

Aw, C leh O, Ch leh Ou

Den a I gen 'basic element' en le hang Aw pen A leh W gawmkhom ahi. Ch pen C leh H zat ahi a, Ou pen O leh U zat ahi. Tua bangmah in Ng zong N leh G gawmkhop ahi. A dik lel in gen le hang a tuam in Aw, Ch, Ng leh Ou va neih ngailo cihna suak hi. A ziak ahihleh basic element ah A, C, G, H, N, O, U leh W om khin hiven! I kammalte I gelh ciangin a gin a dik na ding in I gawmkhom hi.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tumnah Nipi 2018

Tumnah nipi
[Date 25.03.2018 ni a Mumbai ZCF kikhopna ah ka thugen ~ Kamzalian Tomging]

I Topa Jesu pahtawi a a om ni sunsun Palm Sunday ci a minvawh ahi. Leitung ah eite honkhia ding in mihing in hong pai lai in nihvei kia Kumpi min pua in ki-bia in ki-pahtawi hi.
Palm Sunday tawh kisai NT ah Matthew 21:1-12; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:29-44; John 12:12-19 te ah a kigelh hi. OT ah munih ah a kigelh hi.
A hong pianni in mipil te chibai buk din a hong pai uh. Tualo in Palm Sunday ni in pahtawi in a om hi. Hih thiltung tawh kisai in bang teng kizang a I cih I en masa ding. Sabengtung, Puan leh Tumnah ahi. Sabengtung icih sa ginalo khat ahi. Ginalo himahleh Topa Jesu a tuang ciangin gen phak in a om hi; eite zong I hinkhua ah Topa Tuangsak in vaihawm sak le hang thupi leh genkhak in I om ding. Puan a phah uh; puan cituamtuam-hoihlo, kek leh nin om ahihman in Topa tawh mekmat kilawm zolo a bang. Tumnah pen hoih pen suak ahihman in Palm Sunday kici hi ding in koih ni. [Jn 12:13-Nisuh hiang tawi a ci.]. Tua lou in a kizang kammal Hosanna ahi. Tungnung pen ah Hosanna cih himahleh gualzohna kammal ahi kei. Hong honkhia in cihna ahi zaw cih mangngilh kei ni.
Background a I theih ding: Olive tang apat 5 Km khong a kigamla Jesusalem a hong pai uhi. Jerulasam temple hahsiang uh, tua khit in nitum kuan ahihman in Bethani a khawl din pai uh kici ahihman in ni kimkhat kia pahtawi a om din a gintakhhuai hi. Hih ni tawh kisai history ah bang om hiam icihleh Jude governor Pontius Pilate makaihna in Jerusalem khopi tumlam apat suahlam ah military march ana nei hi. I ngaihtuah leh Jesu pahtawi a om tua khit in Jerusalem temple hahsiang ahihman in hun tomchik sung kia pahtawi a om hi lel ding ahi.

Palm Sunday tawh kisai nungzuite apat sinlai I lak theih bang a om hiam I enkhom ding.
Pansan ding in LST sim ni. Matthew 21:1-12. Panpihna thuumna nei.
1.       Topa thupiak/hilhna kician mahmah vs 1-3
Koiah pai ding, bang hih ding, bang gen ding. Mai a khua ah pai ding, Sabengtung kikhih mu ding, Suut ding, Jesu kiangah kai ding.
Ei ten Topa hilhna bang ci theih ding. Rom 12:2 ah Leitung mite bang a omlo ding. Lungsim kikheel ding. Tua hileh Pasian deihna bang hi hiam I thei ding kici hi.
Jn 16:13-14-Khasiangtho hong tun ciangin a dik in hong pii ding a kici hi.
Ps 32: 8-I will instruct you and tech you the way you should go. I will counsel you with loving eye.

2.      Topa Thupiak LST tawh kituak
OT Zakaria 9:9-Aw Zion na kumpi sabengtung tungah tuang in a hong pai ding a kici. Psalm 118:25-26 New International Version (NIV)
25 Lord, save us! Lord, grant us success! [Hosanna]
26 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. From the house of the Lord we bless you.
Matt 5:18 nothing of my word will disappear until everything is accomplished.

3.      Topa hilhna a hi ngeingei ding- Vss. 6-7
A nungzuite a va pai ua Topa Jesu gen bang in va mu, va hih kia hilo in a kiang a om ten ana dong uh, a hilh bang in a dotna uh a dawn uleh khah uh.

4.      Topa hilhna a hoihse - Vss. 8-11
Nungzui ten a gen bang a a zuih uleh amau zong part of the great day ah pang kha. LST in a genkholh tangtun na suak hi.
Nungzui te thuzuihna tawh kisai eite a ding in bang sinlai a om a cih gen ni.
Thupiak, thu hihna pen zuih ding>Thuman ding ahi.
Kua thu la? I kiang nai om Topa koih te kua ahia, A thu uh I man ding.
Nu le pa: Mawl leh pillo, tulai lo. Ngaihsun thak ni. Selung geel non ni. Nu/pa thu na mang, na mang tam deuh leng zaw hitan kia tunglo ding hiveng na cih hun a om ding.
Ute: Zukham, Thulimlo hikha thei. A sia hong gen sam ken teh.
Pasal te: Topan I lutang ding a koih ahi.
Sapte: Fello, theilo, thring deuh I cikha thei. A dinmun tungtawn un muhna lianzaw nei tangpi uh ahi.
Hih I gen in a dinmun uh zahtak leh thuman ding gen ut ihi. Mi maimai khat hausa leh I zahtak, MLA hileh, kaam mu in sepna hoihtak nei leh I zahtak hi. Amah hilo in a hihna ahi. Nu ahihna uh, Pa ahihna uh, U ahihna uh, Pasal ahihna uh zahtak kom a thuman ding ahi. Ei sang a hihna sangzaw te, Nu leh Pa, Ute, Pasal te, Heutute zahtak ding, zuih ding ahi.
Topa piina pen kician in hoihse a Ama deihna bang in tung ngeingei ahi cih mangngilh kei ni. Topa’n thumang thei ding leh zui thei ding in hong ompih ciat ta hen.

Monday, February 26, 2018

AIZCF Leaders' Meet 2018

AIZCF Leaders' Meet 2018

The All India Zomi Christian Fellowship having its unit in different cities across India organised the second Leaders' Meet in Mumbai from 22-25 February 2018 sponsored by the local unit. The theme of the Meet is ‘Sharpening one another’ - Pro 27:17. Rev Dr Khaizakham, Principal of a very renowned Bible College in Manipur and Rev Dr J M Paupu of Elim Resource Center were the resource persons. About 80 leaders and pastors from various units attended the programme. They were trained about Servant Leadership, Renewing of the mind, Importance of vision in Leadership, Conversion of the heart, mind and wallet, Lessons from Mary Magdalene. As for me, I felt that I need to serve others more humbly and work harder, taking it as a part of serving God through them just as Jesus serve his disciples. The lessons on being ‘bogged down’ by our defeats in the past, self-pity, unforgiving spirit are an eye-opening.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tulai Khovel leh Inkuan

Tuhun a inkuan kikhek lamdang dan le inkuan a kik a poimoh dan I nampi a dia poimoh lua chih thupi jang a group discussion

Part I

Part II

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Report on breach of Credit Card in Amazon

Letter to #Amazon

Dear Sir,

I am a regular customer of Amazon and have taken Prime Membership.
As usual I was purchasing the flagship phone Lava Red 128GB of OnePlus for my dear wife on 07.02.2018 at 9:39AM. I did availed the advantage of Rs.1500/- discount by using the SBI Credit Card of my friend.

We did placed the order using the Amazon app from my Android handset. To our utter surprised leakage of the card information has taken place as indicated in the sms received in his registered mobile phone number 'Transaction of USD10.99 made on SBI Credit Card XX7143' without effecting add'nl factor of authentication mandated by RBI, at Amazon Prime Membership in the night on 07 Feb 18.

This has broken down my dignity and also my relationship with my friend. I therefore request you to look into the matter and compensate me for the same.

Kamzalian Tomging