Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tulai Khovel leh Inkuan

Tuhun a inkuan kikhek lamdang dan le inkuan a kik a poimoh dan I nampi a dia poimoh lua chih thupi jang a group discussion

Part I

Part II

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Report on breach of Credit Card in Amazon

Letter to #Amazon

Dear Sir,

I am a regular customer of Amazon and have taken Prime Membership.
As usual I was purchasing the flagship phone Lava Red 128GB of OnePlus for my dear wife on 07.02.2018 at 9:39AM. I did availed the advantage of Rs.1500/- discount by using the SBI Credit Card of my friend.

We did placed the order using the Amazon app from my Android handset. To our utter surprised leakage of the card information has taken place as indicated in the sms received in his registered mobile phone number 'Transaction of USD10.99 made on SBI Credit Card XX7143' without effecting add'nl factor of authentication mandated by RBI, at Amazon Prime Membership in the night on 07 Feb 18.

This has broken down my dignity and also my relationship with my friend. I therefore request you to look into the matter and compensate me for the same.

Kamzalian Tomging

Friday, January 12, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

Suicide in Lamka

A discussion on the social issues of Suicide

Bang chi panlak ding?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mumbai Zomi Annual Meet 2017

Report on MZWA Annual Meet 2017

At Asha Kiran Hall, Goregaon, Mumbai

On 02 September 2017

One of the best memorable days for Mumbai Zomi.
Khopi minthang Mumbai a om Zomite a ding in ni poimoh tak a hong tung hi. Buaina in nawkkha mahleh ding kik non pah gige ahih bangin guahtui in Mumbai khopi ni li paita (29.08.2017) in betdaih som mahleh thoukik in nisim 02 September 2017 in Zomite ni thupi hong suak in Annual day tuang hong tungta. Program manphatak zang din dak 5 in thoupah kisa mahleng zan ni apat in a zatna d mun tuailai fel taktak ten ana lemkhinta in ana panta uh cih ding ahi. 
Program hunseh pen dak 12 pm in kipan ding himahleh dak 9 am kiman simta. Heutute vaihawm siamna in bus nih Navi Mumbai apat leh Antop Hill apat in mipite a lom in hong pua lut hi. For the benefit of those who did otherwise know the spread of the areas in Mumbai I must say that the distance from Navi Mumbai to the place of the Annual meet (which itself in Mumbai) is about 40 km. And the distance from Antop Hill is about 20 km. 
A view of the audience

First Session
That pose for Instagram, Facebook and other social networks

Pose by the neXt generation
Red carpet Photo session om in hong tung masa sa ki-line in thematic wall of the meet tawh a kilaa ziahziah uhi. Nampuan tawh kizeem Zomite etlawm hi na mai e!
Theih louh kaal in ahun tungta ahihman in mipite Asha Kiran Hall, Goregaon ah ki tu thrap in pat ahita. First session conductor pa Kapsianmung in mipi paikhom teng chibai buuk in feltak in hong makaih hi. Nu Muanching in LST simna leh thuumna nei in MZWA band ten Topa phatna lasakkhomna hong makaih ziahziah uhi. Amaute Keyboard ah Lalhmangaih hi in pa Roumuan, Lunmawi, Sangi, Lunniang, Lhingneinieng leh Rody Zaliensing te ahi uh. Topa aw hong leen in, ka gam uah nang vaihawm in... U leh naute kingaihsun ni, lung I geel a hunta hi... cih I sakleh ngaihtuahna saupi a pai dundun hi. 

Pose by the cool gang

Gen X flanked by two guards

MZWA Chairman ahi Capt(IN) Lalsuonglien in welcome address a hong nei hi. Zomite 1993 matham a Mumbai khopi a na om ta uh. 1993 a, a form of Christian fellowship ana phut khiak  uh pen MZCF chih in a hong om.  MZCF in welfare tawh kisai a etkai himahleh poimoh sak ziak in a tuam liuliau in 2016 apat tuam dinsak ahihdan a taaklang hi. Kum teng in fresher meet kici mahleh tu kum apat in area tuamtuam a omte kimuhna ding deihna zong hikom in Annual meet kicita ahihdan a taaklang hi. Organisation tuam deuh Kuki, Hmar leh Mizo apat hong paite tungah kipahthu gen in a hun a khin hi.
Lasak siam leh pastor ahi Robert Samte in Sam 139 pansanna a kiphuak 'where can I go' cih siamtak in a hong awi hi.


Cultural dance

Thelnah tualkia in zong phung zuan e cih bang in buaina tawpkhok I tuah ciangin mipihte mahmah poimoh ahihdan pa Roumuan in thuchah a hong gen hi. Aman a gen zeel na ah Mumbai ah om ding ihihleh ei leh ei kitoudelh thei hih ding, PA deuh ngai. Train boh vutvut zoh ngai, queue a sawt pipi din ngaihna bang zong om ahihdan a taklang hi. I omnasan leh a hoih lam a etton tuak te etton ding. Lawm polh ah pilvan ding. Sepna ciat ah sep siam masak ding, tua hileh I sepna ah semhoih leh satisfaction I nei ding ci in a gen hi.
With the cultural troupe

Short Speech from:
Lalmalsawma, Prez Mumbai Mizo Association (MMA) said that Unity is not uniformity. Let us focus on what is common amongst us. Our success could be measured by the contribution we made in our own society ci in a gen hi.
Ramthang Amo, Chairman Mumbai Hmar Welfare Association (MHWA) indicated that We can achieve a lot if we stand together. Let us also stand with our leaders. Best wishes for all endeavor ci in a hun a khin hi.
Salem Lhungdim, Chairman, Kuki Welfare Association Mumbai (KWAM) in I pau uh maw leh na in kibanglo lel ahi. Nou a pat kazil ding uh a um e. Haksak ni in pangkhom tou jel ni. Topa'n na ma pui jel hen a ci hi.
Hih representative from other welfare association gente zawitawn in conductor ahi Kapsianmung in Paite te paipai zong leh pai zou pon te. Thadou ten doudou le zong... hong genleh hina mahmah e cih in a om hi. A laathu gen beh ni.


Thadoupa'n dou2 dah mei tan, dou zou pon na te,
Paitepa pai2 zong lechun pai sawt deh pawn nate.
Vaiphei pa'n vai2 zong lechun vai doh pon nate.
Gangtepa gang lheh zong lechun, lap zou deeh pawn nate.
Simtepa'n sim2 zong le chun sim zou pon nate,
Zoupa'n zong zou2 zong lechun, zou sawt deh pon nate.
Luseipa'n sei2 zong lechun sei zou pon nate,
Hmarpa'n zong hmar lheh zong lechun hmar sawt pon nate.

Lasa siam nungak duangching lahlou Lunniang in hreawmna leh buaina cih a hong sa hi. Classical song eimite lak ah a sa tawm mahmah. Lunniang in classical in hong sa taktak bel daai khipkhep in ki ngaikhia sipsip ei. Siam lua hoih lua hih classical piece zouthohtak a hong sak in mite pahtak a loh hi.
Pastor K Robert Samte praying for the freshers

Message from pastor Robert Samte in LST Joshua 1:7-8 pansan in hong nei hi. Tua kia hilo in maithak mi 36 te a ding in vualzawlna a ngetsak hi.
Hun bangtan hiam ki paita, kizang khinta ahi mah bangin Rody Zaliensing in siamtakin 'Tai tampi hong tun pih' cih hong awi hiahhiah hi. Ama’n a genna ah ka thungetna laa a chi hi. Lawhcinna leh gualzohnate Topa nang a hi. Vangliatna hong pai inla kei hong panpih in. Himahmah ei Topa Pasian aw.

A poimoh mahmah adoption of bye-law of MZWA tulel a Chairman ahi Lalsuonglien in hong neihpih hi. MZWA ahihleh 6th February 2016 in MZCF nuai a MZWF apat in ana tuam din ahita. Bye-law ahihleh pa Roumuan, Ginminthang leh Thangzason ten ana draft uh ahi. A kipomkip pen a preamble taaklang ni.

We, the Zomis living in and around the city of Mumbai, - India,  desirous of promoting unity and brotherhood, preserving our culture and tradition and helping one another in times of needs and difficulties are convinced that forming a Welfare Association is not only desirable but a necessity. We do hereby form a Welfare Association with the following rules and regulations, adopted on the 2nd Day of  September, 2017, cih ahi.

A hun bang jel a pankhopna dia kiphutkhia pen thekkipna ding leh lopna ding in MZCF Choir in special number ki-tuak mahmah Aw zun din i gam kitu ni cih a hong sa uhi.
Tua khit in MZWA band ten Thou inla na Pathian samin, Aw I gam mangthang ding hilo maw. I khelhna te thupha tawi leng Aman hong ngaidam ding ahi cih a hong sa uhi. Tua khit in pa Ginminthang in hun masa khakna dingin thuumna hong nei hi. 

Break sungin Whachadost & company felna in refreshment limtak ki-ne hi.

Second session
Hih session pen preamble zui in Cultural and Entertainment ahi. Fel leh zei tak in Lianminthang leh Ginsuanthang te’n amau master of ceremonies hihna nuaiah hong pii uhi.
Zomite ih hoihnate tawisang a, a mei hilo in a lu hi ding in hong panpih in hong lamhsang in. Mi nuihza buuk himailo dingin na Khasiangthou in hong thuam in, ci in pastor Thangkhenmung in thuumna hong neihsak hi.


Rody Zaliensing
Buh-al khuang e lailung dam e. Lenmui kai in Zolei bawm in etlawm e ci in Chingmuankim in stance leh delivery hong neih zetleh outstanding himai. Shoute numeite lasak siam ei. Radio star Biakkim Shoute, Zaila kumpinu S Chingnu, leh tun Rody leh Kim lasiam hivek uh cih bang hong ngaihtuah sak hi.
Dikte and friends in choreography hong lak ua siam in pahtak huai mahmah uh.
Flexing and dancing
Multi talent show; musical dance, wrestling, boxing, traditional dance leh lenkhop laam by Muang Phiamphu leh Thangvumsang in hong nei taktak bangzaw aw mipite’n ki like ziahziah maidan hin.
Tua khit in interaction with the 36 fresher’s hun in hong tung hi. Tua ah min, omna, Mumbai nopsakna leh saklohna gen ding ahi. Interesting leh memorable thei mahmah mai.

Antop Hill Zomite apat in drama hong lak uhi. Hinkhua leh Innsung nuam poimoh na dia nupa ki-tuak leh kigen chiang pahpah poimoh ahi, cih hong lak uhi. Damsuanmang leh Khanvung in play siam petmah uh. I buaina te a huntak in counsellor naih in panla ni. Hih tawh kizawitawn mahmah Need for counselling tawh kisai Chingngaihlian in hong geen hi. Suicidal thoughts hong om ziak a ki thatlum kha chi in a gen hi. Hih hong kipatna pen depression, anxiety, natna leh tuah hoihlo neih ziak ahi tangpi hi. Buaina nei ihih banah panpihna poimoh ihilam theih ding. Hibang tawh kisai in miten a buaina uh hong gen leh ngaihkhiat ding, judgemental hetlouh ding leh gensawn hetlouh ding ahi, ci in hong hilh ciang hi.

Lasak pension zual Pumthiangou rose again leh a lawmten Miim bang ka pianna vangkhua. Zomi in kei ka piang, Zomi bang ka nungta ci laa hong pat le zaw kizui zuazua mai hi. Star category ah lutngal in paak leh sum a mu hi.

Do not Sin tawh kisai short play bang chu ngaihtuahna hong pia; hih louh di ka hihkhak ziak in ka hinkhua buai ahi lel hia, cih. Nu Lunnou Vaiphei in Topa lametna koihte zaw tui luang kiang a singkung bang ahi cih laa siamtak in hong sa hi. Nisim a Topa tawh kholkhom a nuam hi.
James and Kim in, Aw ka hinna Mangpa phatin cih laa hong sa non uhi. Tua khitin, Vanglaini kaih sau theih hileh, cih Chingmuankim in hong sa in I hinkhua hong kingaihtuah sak hi.
interaction with the freshers
Time for the Entertainers again led by Muang Phiamphu with Thangvumsang, Daniel Pauzagin, Kamkhanmung ten Medley nalh deuh mai hong hih uleh kinui zuazua hi ven. Lasakna Steve Lal in Zomite a dingin thuumna laa hongsa a mipite’n khutbet tawh ki panpih ziahziah hi.
Entertainment lam kia hilo in lam tuamtuam ah excellence award piak hun hong-om panpan ding ahita cih Education department ten puanna hong nei uhi. Miss fresher's ding in Ruth leh Mister dingin Tg. Ginlianthang piak ahi uhi. Amau kum non ciangin program host ding in panmun piak ngal ahi uh.
To prove that I was also there
Hite khit in Rody in zaila Hello Zomi tang bang dam maw Zogam, Nang ngai in lungzuang cih hong awi non in mipite’n khut laam in a kisakpih zuazua hi.

And now the most awaited cultural dance a hong puan leh mipite’n ki wow nasa himai. A hong laam ua zaw aw ki like vek mai. Cultural troupe ten modern dance remix of all varieties of the Zomi dances hong nei ua siam leh mit-hiip himai. Amau nampuan zeem tuamtuam in hong kichei uh hi nalai. Hih in I Zo ngeina ngaina mahmah hi hang cih hong musak.

MZWA band te hong kipan non in Tuun sung khat piang Laizom te cih hong sakpih ua tua khit in mipte request dungzui cultural show om non in annneekna first slot pat ahi.
Hi bang hun manphatak zat theihna ding in kipahthu gen ding a tam mahmah mai. I biakna Topa kiang hi in member kipezo taktak te tungah kipahthu Mungno Shoute in hong gen zungzung hi. Special mention to Publicity in-charge Liangousang leh Pauzagin who did all the promotional videos since one month before the D day, TK Zam, Roumuan, Nempi, designer Lalhmangaih, always the hard workers behind the scene David leh Mungno who even did the patching up with Amun neite. And of course to all the participants. Team Antop Hill, Kalina team, TISS team, Mira Road, Thane and beyond not forgetting the Navy guys including Biakdik, Chinghoihniang, Sangi leh a sanggamte, Mercy Naulak and friends. Logistics, concepts and arrangement by Ginsuanthang and his cool cool friends. Kipah thuumna leh annkuang latna nu Nempi in nei hi. Singtangpa deihdan tak a unau Hmarte leh Kungmuanlal meh huan I neekleh bel fuh kisaciat.
Extra toppings ding in I ut gige mass cultural dance sai in a om a nuamsa leh khelah tak in zohsiang ahita. Mipi 250 hidia hisaap. As usual zukham leh buaina bawl omlou.


Tulel a Executive Committee memberte ahihleh
OB-Executive Members:
Chairman: Capt(IN) Lalsuonglien Tonsing
V. Chairman: T. Roumuan
Secretary: Joshua L. Singson
Asst. Scy: Thangzason Sonna
Fin. Secy.(Corpus Fund): Dr. Liankhanmung Guite
Fin. Secy(Gen. Fund): B. Kapsianmung Ngaihte

Executive Members:
Ginminthang Shoute
Liangousang Vualnam
Lam David Shingto

Ex-Officio Executive Members

Pastor K Robert Samte
Pastor M Thangkhenmung

This is Kamzalian reporting from ground zero.