Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My nasty Accident

3 killed in accident at Piphema-by Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, December 20: An assistant manager in NABARD's Itanagar branch and three others was found at a gorge about 350 ft deep on the National Highway 39 stretch of Piphema and Dimapur today at around 3 pm.T Kamzalian the Assistant Manager of NABARD, his mother Ningzaman, brother Langbiaklian and a relative Dimhauniang were travelling in a Santro car while en route for a remarkable vacation at home.However, their relatives and family members at Tangnuam about 2 kms from here were in a tizzy since Saturday as they hear no words about them ever since Kamzalian call his elder brother on Friday night.Four days after their whereabouts remains a mystery, NABARD's Dimapur branch and Nagaland police initiated a search party to trace the missing individuals who after combing the highway trace the car on a gorge.'We initially expect demands for ransom as we initially suspect abduction to be the sole case of the disappearance.However our suspicion shift to calamity as no ransom demands were received even after four days of their disappearance' Thangchinkhup, Asst Manager of Dimapur NABARD and a close friend of Kamzalian told this correspondent using a mobile phone from the accident spot at around 6 pm today.The search party after observing a shattered protection wall near Piphema village detects the car on a gorge right side of the road.At about halfway to the gorge Kamzalian was found in a very critical condition and immediately rushed to Dimapur, while the other three were already dead and still remains inside the car.The exact condition of Kamzalian who incidentally is schedule to walk the isle in 29th December with Chinngaihlian of New Lamka, after reaching Dimapur could not be establish due to the intricacy involved in communication, while the body of the three others will be retrieve early tomorrow with the help of Assam Rifles in Piphema.Supdt. of Dimapur Shidhu Shekhar and Addl. SP Vihousie were still on the accident spot even at the time of filing this report.

Kamzalian leh a sungte Phihema leh Meziphema kikal ah accident; mi 3 si

LAMKA, DEC. 20 : Arunachal Pradesh khopi Itanagar a National Agricultural Bank and Rural Development (NABARD) a Asst. Manager sem lel Mr. T. Kamzalian S/o (L) T. Kaimung of Tangnuam leh a pianna nu banah ah a lawmte apaisa Dec. 15, 2006 a Itanagar nusia a Santro car a Lamka zuan a hong pai December 16, 2006 nitaklam dak 4:00-5:00 kikal vel in Nagaland a Piphema leh Medziphema kikal ah accident uh hidan in thutut kingah hi.Thutut kingah danin, Kamzalian leh a nu Mrs. Ningzaman W/o (L) T. Kaimung, Mr. Langbiaklian (23) b/o T. Kamzalian leh Miss Dimhauniang (20) te’n December 15 in Itanagar nusia in Lamka honzuan ua, Dec. 16 a Kohima a giak lut dia kigen pen, Tezpur a phak dek un Dimapur a om a u T. Kaikhenmung mobile in houpih a, Tezpur lut dek ahihdan uh hilh hi. Himahleh, tua nungsiah a nung-a-ma uh theihlouh a om nung un a mobile zat ua pan in vanlaizawl a satellite tungtawn in a omna ding zawn uh theihkhiak ahihnung in SP Dimapur Mr. Sidhu Shekhar, IPS makaih leh Dimapur a NABARD AGM leh Official khenkhat in a zon nung ua tuni sun dak 2 vel in muhkhiak in om uhi.Thukizadan in Car atuang teng lak ah T. Kamzalian kia dam amuhsuah in om a tu in leng gim mahmah in Dimapur a damdawi inn ah etkol in omlel hidan in thukiza hi. Atuanpih anu Mrs. Ningzaman W/o (L) T. Kaimung, Mr. Langbiaklian (23) b/o T. Kamzalian leh Miss Dimhauniang (20) te sisa in muhkhiat in om uhi. A accidentna uh mun uh guamselak hi a a tuanna car uh Lamliam apan feet 350 vel a thuk guamsung lak tusuk in senak mahmah hi. Mr T. Kamzalian bel a car tukna/omna uapan bangtan hiam lamlian naih vaktou zou a huai apan in amau zong dia kuante’n va hunkhia uhi. Amun a mute gen dan in a car un side diklou lampang jui in accident a lamkiang ah protection wall kibawlte phusia a guamsung a lengkhesuk hidan in gen uhi. A car tukna uh athukluat man in siluangte hi in a gari uh hileh tuzan in lakkhiat haksa ding a zingchiang in AR leh Police-te huhna toh lakkhiat hipan ding hi’n amun a omten mobile tungtawn in thutut kingah hi.A kigen danin, Mr. T. Kamzalian bel hongtung ding Dec. 29, 2006 New Lamka a om phamsa Khamkhohau tanu Chiinngaihlian, RBI Officer toh Dec. 29 a kiteng dia innlam hongpai lai hiai bang a tuahsia tuak hi ua, a zi ding Miss Chiinngaihlian leng tuni sunnung lam in Lamka hong tung hi’n leng thutut kingah hi.

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