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Rescue Operation report

On 18th December 2006 the RO come to know from different sources that Shri. T. Kamzalian, AM, Itanagar, was missing somewhere in between Dimapur and Kohima on his way to Churachandpur. The RO immediately sprung up in action to collect as much as information regarding his probable whereabouts and find out clues of his movements.

In the process, we got the information from BSNL sources that Shri T Kamzalian might have made a call from his mobile from Medziphema Tower. On that basis, we approach SP and Addl. SP of Nagaland Police to trace out the whereabouts of Shri. T. Kamzalian and his vehicle. The matter has also been taken up with the Principal Home Secretary, Government of Nagaland. At first instance, SP office indicated that they have no information of vehicle accident as of that day/time in the route. However, promised to do the needful to trace out Shri T. Kamzalian.

On the same day at 18 hrs, we met OIC of Medzephema PS and explained the whole fact and requested him to make efforts to trace out Shri. T. Kamzalian. Meanwhile, some people had conveyed some confusing information and drawn up the possibility of case of abduction. However, we engaged, some social organizations, well-wishers to make an enquiry, whether some underground organizations reveal their involvement in the suspected case. But, none of the so called underground organizations had confessed their involvement. On that basis we were almost sure that missing of Shri. T. Kamzalian was not a case of abduction but may be an accident. Having that idea, we again approach the SP Dimapur and had held discussion on the issue and expressed our concern.

We requested them to make a thorough search/combing between Dimapur to Kohima on NH-39. On the basis of our prevent request they agreed to clear our doubts and advised Medzephema PS to undertake search operation and advise them within a reasonable time. Out of curiosity, a group of officers led by M C Gayari, AGM had gone upto Piphema to look out for Shri. T. Kamzalian.

Incidentally, while coming down from Piphema to Ferima just before a sharp turn we noticed a broken side wall of the road. At that point police have also reached the spot. But the vehicle was hardly visible due to deep jungle and deep distance (300 ft.). Some of the police personnel and Staffs of the RO gone down the slope and identified the vehicle and the deceased inmates down below the accident site. Three bodies had been noticed who were the mother of T. Kamzalian, his brother and cousin sister.

Miraculously, it was found that Shri. T. Kamzalian crawled upto the roadside in a very critical condition. He was immediately taken to nearby Primary Health Centre at Medzephema. Shri. M C Gayari, AGM contacted SP, Dimapur while Shri G. Thangchinkhup, Asst Manager informed close relatives of T. Kamzalian and we approach Assam Rifles Unit, Piphema for help in the rescue operation. Both Police Department and Assam Rifles immediately rushed to the site for rescue operation with the help of local youth to retrieve the bodies of the deceased from the deep gorges. With all hazardous operation, the work was completed at 1200 hrs on 20th December 2006 and the dead bodies were carried to Civil Hospital under the Supervision of the local police.

All the above rescue operations were possible on account of our effective coordination and whole hearted cooperation from Police, Assam Rifle, local youth and the general public.

G. Thangchinkhup

Miraculous escape for accident victim
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Dimapur, DEC20 [IFP] : It is a miracle. Five days after a horrendous accident that killed three members of his family, a NABARD official from Churachandpur in Manipur was found still alive by the Nagaland police today. Kamzalian Paite, an assistant manager of the NABARD posted in Arunachal Pradesh was returning home for his marriage along with family members when their car met an accident and fell some 200 feet into a hillside gorge near Piphema on the night of December 15.Though all three of his companions, including his mother and brother were killed, Kamzalian was rescued alive by Dimapur police five days after the mishap. The SP, Dimapur, Bidhu Shekhar, said that it was a "miracle" that Paite survived despite being starved and lashed by the winter chill for five days. According to the SP, Paite was traveling to his hometown Churachandpur, Manipur, on December 15 along with three members of his family in connection with his marriage on December 29.However, his vehicle, a Santro, met with the accident close to Assam Rifles post at Piphema in Nagaland on the night of December 15. The vehicle fell about 150 to 200 feet below the road killing Paite`s three members and injuring him seriously. According to sources, no one had any knowledge about the mishap till the Dimapur police conducted a search and rescued Paite today. Earlier, after the quartet went missing, their relatives lodged a complaint with Dimapur police. During investigation, police found that Paite`s mobile phone remained non-functional from Medziphema in Nagaland.M Kaimuanthang adds: Kamzalian, his mother identified as Ningzaman, 60, brother Langbiaklian, 25, of Tangnuam village and one Dimhauniang daughter of Tuanchinmang a church elder of New Lamka Zion veng met an accident by falling in a deep gorge between Medgiphema and Piphema in their Santro car bearing registration number AR / 01/ 5726. Till about 3 pm today the family members have not been able to know anything of their whereabouts though the help of the Manipur police, and their counterparts in Nagaland and Assam were sought in tracking them.However today, it was learnt that they met an accident leaving all occupants of the car dead except for Kamzalian who is being treated in a hospital at Dimapur. Till now the bodies of the other three were still lying in the gorge and it would be a difficult task to recover them.

Kamzaliante Nagaland ah accident - 3 si
Keuhthang writes

"LAMKA, DEC. 20 : Arunachal Pradesh khopi Itanagar a National Agricultural Bank and Rural Development (NABARD) a Asst. Manager sem lel Mr. T. Kamzalian S/o (L) T. Kaimung of Tangnuam leh a pianna nu banah ah a lawmte apaisa Dec. 15, 2006 a Itanagar nusia a Santro car a Lamka zuan a hong pai December 16, 2006 nitaklam dak 4:00-5:00 kikal vel in Nagaland a Piphema leh Medziphema kikal ah accident uh hidan in thutut kingah hi.Thutut kingah danin, Kamzalian leh a nu Mrs. Ningzaman W/o (L) T. Kaimung, Mr. Langbiaklian (23) b/o T. Kamzalian leh Miss Dimhauniang (20) te’n December 15 in Itanagar nusia in Lamka honzuan ua, Dec. 16 a Kohima a giak lut dia kigen pen, Tezpur a phak dek un Dimapur a om a u T. Kaikhenmung mobile in houpih a, Tezpur lut dek ahihdan uh hilh hi. Himahleh, tua nungsiah a nung-a-ma uh theihlouh a om nung un a mobile zat ua pan in vanlaizawl a satellite tungtawn in a omna ding zawn uh theihkhiak ahihnung in SP Dimapur Mr. Sidhu Shekhar, IPS makaih leh Dimapur a NABARD AGM leh Official khenkhat in a zon nung ua tuni sun dak 2 vel in muhkhiak in om uhi.Thukizadan in Car atuang teng lak ah T. Kamzalian kia dam amuhsuah in om a tu in leng gim mahmah in Dimapur a damdawi inn ah etkol in omlel hidan in thukiza hi. Atuanpih anu Mrs. Ningzaman W/o (L) T. Kaimung, Mr. Langbiaklian (23) b/o T. Kamzalian leh Miss Dimhauniang (20) te sisa in muhkhiat in om uhi. A accidentna uh mun uh guamselak hi a a tuanna car uh Lamliam apan feet 350 vel a thuk guamsung lak tusuk in senak mahmah hi. Mr T. Kamzalian bel a car tukna/omna uapan bangtan hiam lamlian naih vaktou zou a huai apan in amau zong dia kuante’n va hunkhia uhi. Amun a mute gen dan in a car un side diklou lampang jui in accident a lamkiang ah protection wall kibawlte phusia a guamsung a lengkhesuk hidan in gen uhi. A car tukna uh athukluat man in siluangte hi in a gari uh hileh tuzan in lakkhiat haksa ding a zingchiang in AR leh Police-te huhna toh lakkhiat hipan ding hi’n amun a omten mobile tungtawn in thutut kingah hi.A kigen danin, Mr. T. Kamzalian bel hongtung ding Dec. 29, 2006 New Lamka a om phamsa Khamkhohau tanu Chiinngaihlian, RBI Officer toh Dec. 29 a kiteng dia innlam hongpai lai hiai bang a tuahsia tuak hi ua, a zi ding Miss Chiinngaihlian leng tuni sunnung lam in Lamka hong tung hi’n leng thutut kingah hi."

Dec. 29 a zi nei ding tuahsia

Muanhuaitak apan thutut kingah dan in, Arunachal Pradesh a NABARD a Assistant Manager sem Mr.Kamzalian of Tangnuam leh a nu leh a nau tel a numei khat toh Dec. 15 a Lamka zuan a hong kipan khia, nitak in Nagaland state sung Piphema mun ah tuahsia ua, huai ah Kamzalian lawm mi 3 tengin sihna tuak in amah kia suakta hidan in kigen hi.Hiai accident bel ni 5 nung a theih khiak hi a, Dimapurpolice te’n Kamzalian dam a muhsuah a om pen lamdang sa mahma ahihdan uh gen uhi. Mr.Kamzalian bel Dec. 29 a zi nei ding hi a, a zi ding ahihleh New Lamka Dorcas Veng a om Miss Chiingaihlian ahi hi. Sihna tuakte luang Dec. 21 nitak nungin Lamka puaktun in om a, Dec. 22 in vuiliamin om uhi.

Accident ah mi 3 si; 1 liam

T Kamzalian (38) s/o (L) T Kaimung of Tangnuam, tulel a Arunachal Pradesh khopi Itanagar ah National Agriculture Bank and Rural Development (NABARD) a Dy Manager in Miss Chingngaihlian d/o (L) Khamkhawhau Guite of New Lamka, Dorcas Road, tulel a RBI Office toh Dec 29, 2006 a saptuam dan siangthou a kiteng dingin Dec 15, 2006 nitak dak 7 in Santro Xing XL AR 01/B5726 a tuangin anu Mrs Ningzaman, a sanggampa Langbiaklian (23) leh Miss Dimhauniang (20) d/o Tualchinmang of New Lamka, Zion Veng, tawh Itanagar apan hongpai Dimapur kiang Madziphema leh Piphema kikal gamlak ah kawl a taikhia in accident tuak uh a, huai ah T Kamzalian pen liam in amah leh amah saulou paithei in zan nitak in a zong a kuante'n hospital khat ah admit uh a, anu Mrs Ningzaman, a sanggampa Langbiaklian leh Miss Dimhauniang te bel si in a luang uh zan nitak in lakkhiak hiding a, Post Mortem bawlzoh hunhun in Lamka lam a vuiding a puak hiding in gen uhi.Thutut kingahdan in T Kamzalian leh a gari tuanpihte Dimapur a tunlouh phet un Dimar a om a u T Kaikhenmung patau in mobile phone in contact mahleh a dawnlouh ziak un Ginkhanchin panlakna ziakin BSNL in mobile tungtawn in suizui in NABARD official te zan in gari a pai in BSNL in a kawkmuhna bang a zonna uah gari in a gawina mark a muh na kiangua lamkhang lam a galet suk ua leh guamkuak sung ah gari galmuh uh hi'n gen uhi. Huai ah Dimapur a om Zomi te'n nasatak a panla in kithuahpih uh chihthu leng kiza hi. Zan nitak dak 6 belin T Kamzalian in mobile phone no. 943600288 in a innlam hon houpih thei hi'n gen uh a, thuchian bukimtak bel kithei vek nai lou lai hi.

21 Dec 2006 by Ed 72 comments

by huiha @ 21 Dec 2006 10:05 am

condolence to the bereaved family.sometimes the good GOD's programme are hard to understand.why?GOD,why?????

by The Commoner @ 21 Dec 2006 11:03 am

Vangtah hina maizen uh e maw? Tung Thianmang aw sihna tuakna heh vanem ve maw.

by lungziin huai @ 21 Dec 2006 11:16 am

nuai simlei a khatvei tungdiing, haibang ngaklah, deih zozam toh lungtuak tuibang gawmding lametna liantak toh, tunnu, tuai momnou leh sangam toh ziing zinna pan pianna vangkhua khaubang chiahlam in aw.. vangtahna in a hon buakmai zaw, ana ngei, a theihsiam huaikei ngei!tunnu'n khabang phamsan, tuai momnou dai dide mai, sangam nu vot dikdek ta, liamna ma a kipan sisan pawt zungzung, panpih tu ding kuamah omlou...a mangbat huai mah di maw! a lungziin huai mah di maw

by kei. @ 21 Dec 2006 11:22 am

zomi te, i Pathian un hon phonghalh ut hita di ahi. Indigo flight ah tampi petmah ten buaina inatuak ua tu in sihna mulkim huai mahmah i tuak nawn ua...

by whoami @ 21 Dec 2006 02:37 pm
Poi mahmah mai .

by Tonny Khan @ 21 Dec 2006 03:17 pm

suamhatte khutlum a om ding kisa a,amau leh amau dan aive maw!!!!!!poi cihloh gen ding dang om kei e maw.Ei mihingte bawltheih lah hilo a maw.Pasian deihna bang a apiang hi ding hiven maw.Kamsiatna thuakte leh a innkuanpih damlaite i biak Pasian in khamuanna pia in huhpa Khasiangtho in ompih tawntung ta ken.Thungetna ah phawkciatna mawtw.

by lian naulak junior @ 21 Dec 2006 04:55 pm

dear langbiaklianna kha pham simthu ka zak in lai dip nalua sang e.. na tunnu toh na phamkhawm tel maw.. lai ah na lua sa ing pulian bang chin ka houpih ngam mahmah dia maw?? lian aw na lungtup mualsuah manlou maw poi hina maizen e. maw....///

by kamkho @ 21 Dec 2006 04:57 pm
Maizen! lungzinhuai hinamai e! Tungthianmang in hambang huai hen aw.

by Sonna papi @ 21 Dec 2006 07:40 pm
Chiinngaihlian pa pen (L) Khamkhohau GUITE hilou in SONNA NGAIHTE ahi ve.

by Muan @ 21 Dec 2006 11:43 pm
God, thou must help us,We seek thy loving kindness not to forsake us, We pray to thee...

by Muang Naulak @ 22 Dec 2006 03:47 am
Gending bang bei zezen e..!!! May their soul rest in peace chih mai lo gen ding leng ka mang mai ... Poi mahmah e.....

by Pladai @ 22 Dec 2006 08:04 am
What more tragedy could there be for a to-be-wed couple! Reality is rather hard to accept when fate turns tragic.

by tribalsuperman @ 22 Dec 2006 12:49 pm

Zan in Damlo pen dimapur a Zion hospital ah kava veh ua, amah dinmun bel hoih mahmah ta a,(Nabard-Dimapur) a sem leh a sangam pa gen dan in ni am vel a kawl a leng khia ua, amah pen awl awl in nithum sung kawl ah kah tou tou in nithum nung in lampi tung zopan chi a , eimi aluang hong pua tangval hat laite le, a gari omna tan kumsuk zo lou phial uh chi dan ahi. A kal touh bang chu khau a kikhai tou chi uh. A gari bel hoih siat peuhmah..

by @ 22 Dec 2006 01:38 pm

Tel lawmlawm !!!! Ahi-a, vangtahna tungah, hiaibanga, hingdam a muhkhak dia Kamzalian a om kipahthu genleng hoih inteh. Toupa na tungah bang a kahih khelh uh chi in dong chiatle aman theihsiamna bang hiam khat donna honpia inte maw !!! Lusunte ithuakpih a, Mounudi leng iphok a,moupa ding pen ahong dampah nadin thumle.Huan, gel a aombangin, amaute gel in tuibang gawmnang simthu ana leluh abuchinna ding inleng thumleng ahoih mah2 ding in kagingta hi..!! Poilawtel ei.Huan, atunga, Chiin ngaihlian pa Guite chi-a min kigelh velvol penzaw diklou deuh hivaw !!! Sona-Ngaihte behte hi un theiveng aw ken !!!!

by biak @ 22 Dec 2006 04:13 pm

Gen di le ka thei kei ka shock lua..ka class mate nahia na kuhkal dan leh na chih tak dan te ka pammaih lua biak....poilo petmah ...

by BIAKLUN @ 22 Dec 2006 05:21 pm


by ash @ 22 Dec 2006 06:03 pm

kiteenna lungdam huai haibang ngaklah ah tuang lam na zotna ah maw vangtah na huihkhi hong lang maimah........hibang ding lam mel in thei le chin zaw.....

by maiteh khuak @ 23 Dec 2006 04:23 pm
Nupa nuamsa hong hi dia ideihsak mah2 lai a hiaibang tuah siatna hongtung pen poimah2. kei tunga tung di'n le ka deihkei, ka melma te tung a tung di'n le ka deih tuankei.TOUPA AMAUTE VA VEH IN.

by lungsim @ 25 Dec 2006 09:51 pm
ni 3 sung kawl a kahtou! ka ngaihtuah chiah ka lungtang teipi a sut mah a bang! ana lua. ana lua. ana lua. ana lua. ana lua. ka mitkha ah ka mu a, ka mittui a pawt zoihzoih mai.

by gummaam @ 27 Dec 2006 07:36 am
ka ngaihtuah chiang in ah ka lungsim a thakthak in hon khoih zel kachi. lungkuat huai mamah hi.

by ramu geekpu @ 27 Dec 2006 09:07 am
LUNGKUAT! nalh e, ka zak patna.

by duplicate @ 27 Dec 2006 11:08 am
ramu geekpu chihmin zang a comment hou taktak pia original geekpu hidi'n a gintakhuai kei

by original geekpu @ 28 Dec 2006 08:56 am
original geekpu, duplicate geekpu chihbang om ta ahi maw

by latest version of geekpu @ 28 Dec 2006 10:26 am
chih phet,hiai news a update ngeikei ua leh geekpu chi tuam tuam 100 val bang hong om di dan eive

by huaicetla @ 28 Dec 2006 11:28 am
Huaichetla, Kristmass leh kumthak loma buai lua in news bang leng update manlo hin un teh. SSPP net a kkvalte nasan ihmu adiam theikhang.

by haha @ 28 Dec 2006 12:31 pm
na na khanglou hak ngei... kkvalte zi nei dia khu vitvit eivoi!!

by khemkhem @ 28 Dec 2006 04:52 pm
hiai kihoulim na d mun hia???????Hotel teng a na houlim ule hunzak hilou mo?

by khemkhem @ 28 Dec 2006 04:53 pm
hiai kihoulim na d mun hia???????Hotel teng a na houlim ule hunzak hilou mo?

by ramu geekpu taktak @ 29 Dec 2006 08:20 am
i na ki houlim naihnaih zel dua himai lou hia? a nuam voi

by brand new geekpu @ 29 Dec 2006 08:54 am
gendi le om non vak lou hive aw,update haklua ua a,krismas lai ate ah apengnong sim lai ua hinteh mo,theisiam mai ni,inopsak hun neihsun uh ahihciah,tirawh!

by poi lua @ 29 Dec 2006 10:35 am
accident tuak zenzen kei le uh tuni a thupi mai zenzen di toh, poi kasa takzet ahi.

by khemkhem @ 29 Dec 2006 11:40 am
Geekpu kichi le i tam lua ua min hoih mah2 zaw hi di hi veh aw maw!!!!!!!!! Thu thak thei khawng i om leh ana kikum zel leng news update na khat himai lou mo?

by khemkhem @ 29 Dec 2006 11:42 am
Geekpu kichi le i tam lua ua min hoih mah2 zaw hi di hi veh aw maw!!!!!!!!! Thu thak thei khawng i om leh ana kikum zel leng news update na khat himai lou mo?

by ramu geek gengong @ 29 Dec 2006 12:01 pm
huai chi hilechin le nih veivei va gelh duppp a ngai a hia

by bawng ek!!! @ 29 Dec 2006 12:49 pm
hi folks!!!!! and big hello to the geekpu's... happy new year!!

by ramu geeknou @ 29 Dec 2006 01:14 pm
kei pen ramu geeknou hi ing ei, guai

by geekpu ramu @ 29 Dec 2006 02:12 pm
kum te sil bang hon palzong leh kei ding in lungnopna nuai simlei ah awmlo

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