Thursday, July 12, 2007

Visit to Dimapur

Met the Addl SP, Mr.Vilhousie of Dimapur Police at his Office and submit the FIR at about 10:15am on 9th July 2007 with my friend and colleague Mr.Khup. I request him to sign on my personal copy of the FIR as acknowledgment of receipt. He was almost angry. Asked me whether I trust him or not. I told him that I do trust him to help me out. He showed us the Zimmanama Ref. Mdz. PS. Case No. 0018/06 and GDE No 0153/06 of 18/12/06 dated 4th January 2007 wherein Khup put his signature. The Zimmanama is legal undertaking showing that Khup has taken a possession of the damage Vehicle and will produce the same before the Magistrate when asked for. Khup denied it. He then told us to come back again in the evening.

1000Hrs: Went to Dimapur NABARD Office and update my blogs. Received a call from Mr. Akang, ASI of Dimapur Traffic Police who is handling my accident case. He advises me to meet him.

1145Hrs: Went to the Addl. SP again to meet Akang but on not seeing Akang around I met Addl. SP and received a copy of the FIR so lodged No.1573/07 dated 09 July 2007 with a stamp on my personal copy. The letter of FIR I sent by Speed post also just arrived. Request a photocopy of the old FIR made on 21 December 2006 by Mr. Asi Moatoshi Ao. He inform me that Akang had already sold my accidental vehicle by Rs.7000/-.He told me that “its a gone case for Akang” meaning that his service will be under suspension and he will need to give me a new Vehicle with Khup if I fight the case as lost vehicle. Akang call and inquire about Khup which I told him that Khup's phone is with me and Khup himself is in NABARD Office (Dimapur). After waiting for them for some time to turn up I made a phone call to Sh. Akang. When I mention about my damaged vehicle he told me straightly :“ moi na jane, bishi din hoise to” which means “ I don't know about it as it has been a long time ago”. I then straightly told him at my meeting him that I did not authorised anybody to dispose my Vehicle. He was speechless and helpless. I insist on him showing me the Vehicle.

1400Hrs: After waiting for Mr. ALal Singsit who is also working in Police Department we took an auto rickshaw and traced out the totally dismantled vehicle inside a room at the back of Hotel Sente in Dimapur under the custody of one Mr. Sharma. I took photos of the Vehicle. The caretaker told us that we need to talk with Mr. Sharma. Akang and Sharma needs to settle their case between them as the vehicle was bought with a price from Akang. Akang replied threatening him not to talk like that as the case is still going on.

1530Hrs: Met the Divisional Manager of Oriental Insurance of Dimapur branch at his Office and try to officially hand over the damaged vehicle but he stopped us and call Mr. Borah, the second surveyor who was based in Guwahati. He said the due to counseling of his son in IIT he'll be sending his representative tomorrow by Shatabdi train positively. I confirm his inspection and he even said that the inspection of his representative will be final.

Went back to NABARD Office. The signature in the Zimmanama belongs to Khup’s and Bendang now act as the mediator and ask Khup to claim the signature as his himself (Khup) in front of Addl SP. I in the meantime publish the FIR in my blog.

10 July 2007:

Inspection of the damaged vehicle was made along with the representatives of the Surveyor. He and I also took some photos of the accidental vehicle.

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