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Not Traceable


No. NB (NL)/ /GAD-23A/2006-07 dated 22nd December 2006



Shri. T. Kamzalian, Assistant Manager, NABARD & Family

Journey from Itanagar to Churachandpur- not traceable

Please refer to our D.O Letter No. Endt. D.O. No. NB(NL)1837/ Adm/ Corres / 2006-07 dated 19 December 2006 on the captioned subject. In this connection, we like to inform that Shri T. Kamzalian has been traced with his ill-fated members of his family and the car in the deep gorges( about 300 ft.) between Dimapur and Kohima about 45 km from Dimapur on NH-39 at about 1500 hrs on 20th December 2006. In fact, Shri. T. Kamzalian had faced a tragic incident on his way to Churachanpur via Dimapur probably during the morning hours on 16th December 2006. The accident victim Shri T Kamzalian trapped in the car, which plunged down deep below the road survived the vicissitudes of five days of cold nights though three other members of his family perished in the mishap.

Shri. T. Kamzalian has been rescued and admitted to local Zion Hospital, Dimapur after first aid at Medziphema PHC on the same day. Shri. T. Kamzalian is under intensive observation medical care and under observation of the group of doctors of the hospital. Necessary pathological examinations have been carried out, which indicates no serious injury/damages to his vital parts of his body. Though, he was in great trauma during the initial period, doctors, medical attendants have since informed us that he is now stable and recovering speedingly. Medical advises and opinions of the local BMO( Dr. AB Choudhury) has also been obtained. He has indicated that the gravity of the injury does not warrant immediate shifting of Shri Kamzalian to other centres/hospitals as the required infrastructures for his medical treatment is available on the said Hospital.

It may be further be informed you that the bodies of Shri. T. Kamzalian deceased mother, brother and sister had been retrieved with the help of Nagaland Police, Assam Rifles and local youths, which was completed at 12:00 midnight on 20th December 2006. Group of Officers of nagaland RO had effectively co-ordinated all along during the entire process. The bodies had been handed over to the close relatives of Shri. T. Kamzalian on 21.12.2006 after medical examination under the supervision of Nagaland Police, which had been shifted to Churachandpur for burial. In thi connection, we would like to indicate the following facts which led to the discovery of ill-fated Shri. T. Kamzalian and his family members.

On 18th December 2006 the RO come to know from different sources that Shri. T. Kamzalian, AM, Itanagar, was missing somewhere in between Dimapur and Kohima on his way to Churachandpur.

The RO immediately sprung up in action to collect as much as information regarding his probable whereabouts and find out clues of his movements. In the process, we got the information from BSNL sources that Shri T Kamzalian might made a call from his mobile from Medziphema Tower. On that basis, we approach SO and ASP of Nagaland Police to trace out the whereabouts of Shri. T. Kamzalian and his vehicle. At first instance, SP office indicted that they have no information of vehicle accident as of that day/time in the route. However, promised to do the needful to trace out Shri T. Kamzalian. On the same day at about we met OIC of Medzephema PS and explained the whole fact and requested him to make efforts to trace out Shri. T. Kamzalian. Meanwhile, some people had conveyed some confusing information and drawn up the possibility of case of abduction. However, we engaged, some social organizations, well-wishers to make an enquiry, whether some underground organizations reveal their involvement in the suspected case. But, none after so called underground organizations had confessed their involvement. On that basis we were almost sure that missing of Shri. T. Kamzalian was not a case of abduction but may be an accident. Having that idea, we again approach the SP Dimapur and had held discussion on the issue and expressed our concern. We requested them to make a thorough such combing between Dimapur to Kohima on NH-39. On the basis of our prevent request they agreed to clear our doubts and advised Medzephema PS to undertake search operation and advise them within a reasonable time. as of that

stated we inform that Shri T. Kamzalian and his family met an accident near Piphema between Dimapur and Kohima about 45 km from Dimapur in the morning hours of 16th December 2006. After 4 days of the incident, whereabouts remains a mystery, the Nagaland RO staff led by Shri M. C. Gayari, AGM and Nagaland police initiated a search party to trace the missing individuals who after combing the National Highway No-39 trace the car on a gorge. The search party after observing a shattered protection wall near Piphema village detects the car on a gorge right side of the road. At about halfway to the gorge Shri T. Kamzalian was found in a very critical condition and immediately rushed to Zion Hospital in Dimapur. However, his mother, brother and his cousin sister were found death at the spot of the mishap. The three others had been retrieved and after all formalities; the bodies of the death persons have been taken the Home District of Churachandpur.

The BMO of Nagaland RO, Dr. A B Choudhury has visited the Hospital and has a discussion with the Doctors. After his discussion with concerned doctors of the hospital, he told that nothing to be danger for Shri. T. Kamzalian, only proper care and attendance is required during medical treatment. It is better not necessary to take him outside the state for better treatment. We will keep you informing about the improvements in this regard from time to time.

(M C Gayari)

Assistant General Manager

Endt No. NB (NL)/ /GAD-23A/2006-07 of date

For information to:

  1. The CGM, NABARD, Assam RO, Guwahati
  2. The GM, NABARD, Arunachal RO, Itanagar
  3. The CGM, NABARD, WB RO, Kolkata

( G. Thangchinkhup)

Assistant Manager

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