Saturday, September 22, 2007

Phone Calls

11 September 2007:

Today I made a phone call again to the Regional Office of Oriental Insurance Guwahati at about 3.00pm. I was told by the PA to call their Motor Department at these numbers 0361-2730524,0361-2730527. The phones were picked u by them after sometime and told me to call again after 1hr during which they will be compiling the case. I called them back again. The phones were busy and could not be get through. On reaching home from Office about 6.15pm I called them again and the computer (interactive) answer me. What a job! Why God, why these things happen on us. I can't understand and will never ever understand.

13 September 2007:
Called the Oriental Insurance Office(OIC) of Guwahati again. The phone was not picked up by them and i then called to the Motor Department of OIC. I was told that the right person was on training and can be contacted on Monday. God knows how many times i need to contact them.

Called the Regional Office of Oriental Insurance Office at 1220hrs today ie the 21 September 2007. Got the same reply from the PA of Sh PC Hota, the Chief Regional Manager (CRM) based in Guwahati: Sir is on tour and will be back next week. She did not want to give me his mobile number as she was not authorised to do so. Why. Why is it like this ? why is a special permission needed to reach some Officials concerning pressing case in his mobile phone?

I then contact Sh Chandrasekharan, the Chief Manager of Customer Service Department (Oriental Insurance). Brief him of the many times i tried to reach the CRM Ghty. He told me that Sh.Hota was with him yesterday and advice me to contact and intimate him (CRM Ghty) about the number of times i tried to contact him but could not!

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Anonymous said...

Its my wish and prayer that your Insurance claim settlement be made by the Oriental Insurance Company immediately. They should not harass people like this! Are they ready to pay you the claim amount with market interest rate?