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29TH December 2006

The Secretary

NABARD Officers Association,

Guwahati Unit

Appeal for extending our sympathy and support to Shri T Kamzalian, AM – Regarding

Dear friend,

First of all we wish to convey the fraternal greetings of our Dimapur officers unit. This letter is a humble submission/appeal to the Guwahati Unit of our NBOA being the parent unit for all NE state units and to which we are sending our monthly contributions.

As you are aware a member of our NABARD parivar Shri T Kamzalian, Asst. Manager attached to the Arunachal Pradesh RO, Itanagar, had gone missing from the early morning hours of 16th December 2006 somewhere on NH 39 enroute to Kohima from Dimapur while he was proceeding in his own vehicle to his native place of Churachandpur, Manipur through Nagaland after availing leave from his RO. Our RO officers were alerted about his missing status on 18th December 2006 and immediately took the initiative to apprise the State Govt. and the local SP’s office about his case. As you all know, it turned out that Shri Kamzalian’s vehicle had rolled off the highway and had plunged to a depth of over 300 metres (not feet as earlier reported) and nobody was even aware of the fact till the evening of 20th December when through the coordinated efforts of our Nagaland RO Officers and the local police authorities, the accident site was detected and Shri Kamzalian was rescued. It was indeed a miracle that he survived without any serious internal injuries although unfortunately three members of his family (mother, brother & cousin sister) who were traveling with him tragically lost their lives. We were overwhelmed at the help that was extended by so many complete strangers and groups who came forward to assist in the rescue of Shri Kamzalian and in the retrieval of the dead. There were so many good Samaritans who came forward on that day and thereafter to help through their physical presence, monetary and moral support. We are also thankful to our Guwahati unit for extending their concern and apprising the Central Unit about Shri Kamzalian’s case. It was through these concerted efforts that the Management had been keeping in constant touch with our RO during the entire period of his missing status and his rescue thereafter. Our MD was personally in touch with our RO and had instructed that no efforts should be spared for extending all possible help (including monetary assistance) for the speedy recovery of Shri Kamzalian.

Having apprised you of the case, we wish to stress the fact that in addition to the physical and mental trauma that Shri Kamzalian has endured, he also has to face the tragedy of losing three members of his family in one stroke. A loss that is irreplaceable. As a token gesture of our concern and to express our sympathies, our NABARD parivar based at Dimapur have donated Rs.5000/- (mobilized through freewill contributions from all staff & officers) to the bereaved family to enable them to meet some of the expenses incurred during the entire search and rescue operations and also to transport the dead to his native place of Churachandpur in Manipur. We would like to stress that many individuals also came forward with their physical presence and monetary support. The Addl. Chief Secretary, GoN, personally had a truck requisitioned for transporting the dead. Friend, there is still a lot of things to be taken care of. We are in touch with the local police authorities who have apprised us that due to the hazardous nature of the terrain and the great depth into which the vehicle had plunged, it took them three days to retrieve the vehicle (vehicle could finally be brought to the police station only on 25th December 2006). Private recovery vans had to be hired in addition to the police vans due to the steepness of the terrain. The cost of all this retrieval is to be borne by Shri Kamzalian. It has been informed that owing to the difficulty of the job, the bill would be in the range of Rs.15000/- There are many other such responsibilities to be taken care of and as you know friend, Shri kamzalian is still in hospital at Imphal recovering from the trauma. There are gaps in his memory and at this juncture, his is a pathethic situation. In such a situation, we request the Guwahati unit of our NBOA to kindly appeal to all members of our association of the NER states to extend some monetary support through freewill contribution to enable Shri Kamzalian to tide over this painful and difficult time. While we are thankful to the Management for the concern they have shown, however, we would also like to appeal to individual members to please extend their support. We are enclosing a copy of the report forwarded to HRMD HO regarding the action initiated by the RO in regard to Shri Kamzalian’s case. We take this opportunity to laud the personal efforts made by our colleagues, Shri M C Gayari, AGM, Shri B Aier, Manager and Shri T Khup, AM, who worked tirelessly during the entire period and it was only through their constant follow-up that Shri kamzalian could be rescued.

We shall be thankful if the NBOA, Guwahati Unit can take up the matter at their end and mobillise the support of our officer fraternity.


(Ms. Tiakala Ao)



Copy for information to all NER NBOA units with a fervent appeal to kindly extend your sympathies and support in the instant case.


Ms. Tiakala Ao

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