Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vista Down, down down!

Bought a new HP desktop PC on the 4th August 2007 and found to be very heavy and slow. Opening a file or starting a program takes a long, really long time. Felt like kicking the PC!

Internet connection made on the 14 August 2007 and I update my Windows. To my surprises there are 40 updates to be made! Considering the time lag in the launching of Vista and my purchasing the same, these updates are not excusable! I really wonder what these Microsoft guys are doing with their software. Why are there so many security holes that need to be plugged in such a short span of time? God knows! I then, being an experimenter, tries the much talked about LINUX Operating System called UBUNTU which is, you know free to use or free to try. I loaded it as a dual boot options. It really feels great! The steps and guidance for dual booting is provided at Dual-booting guide: Linux, Vista and XP step-by-step.

Now this is the question that cross my mind: Why is the Vista, the not so good OS, so costly? I must express my appreciation to the free software developer in their humanitarian works! May their tribe increase.

A well wisher of the movement ‘technology for all’,


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