Thursday, November 29, 2007

A rejoinder to Musing on my ignorance

The observation on the recently concluded siamsin conference by LT made a good reading. It was insightful, thought provoking and of course, the best part is, his unbiased comments! I, too, am in support of his views.

The programme was not controlled and lacks maturity. How many precious minutes that were wasted in tuning and re-tuning of the Music/ Sound systems especially the drums! I feel like shouting to stop the DeaFeNinG drums.

Why didn’t we not giving more time to our great singers to belt out those heart rending numbers?

Another observations I would like to make is about the SIMAS. The act of organising is great but the process leads us to the second best! I mean about the selection process. Some of the well deserved STARS did not win the Award. The final vote was casted only by the so called techno-savvy people who does not know much about the contributions made by our STARS. It reminds me of a book “Paris shall be the judge”. Paris here means the people.For us it fails. Some well-deserved STARS might never again have the chance to hold the (coveted) title. The fans out there in SINGTANGLAM were not given the opportunity to participate. I personally feel that this act of awarding to the right STARS will be posible if we have a panel of expert/judge who will have some weightage on the selection process. The weightage could be 70% of public and 30% of expert group. What has been done cannot be undone. It has gone down to history with its bad record!


Vasant Vihar

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