Thursday, December 27, 2007

Muana Ngaihte Autograph

He kindly consented to our request for dinner on 11 November 2007. While discussing about autograph and all we learn that he had never ever signed one. We told him about the various styles of signing an autograph and let him signed one on the CD purchased by us. Its in his latest album “Kei leh ka innkuante Vol.1”. Lucky enough to have the one and only autograph sign by him. One on the cover and one on the CD itself. The one on the CD is not displayed here coz its sooo personal (eh!).Mind you it’s not for auction (yet)!

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thangh said...

So your are the choosen luck one. Its only recent that I came to know that Muana Ngaihte is from my village. Ki upadate lolo dan keive