Wednesday, January 30, 2008




We solicit your presence in the formal Thanks giving function on your selfless services that you rendered to us during the darkest moments of our lives, scheduled to be held at Tangnuam Village, Churachandpur district of Manipur on the 9th February 2008 from 1200hrs, following the inauguration of the memorial stone of our dear mother Ningzaman and brother Langbiaklian.

With kind regards

Mobile: 94362 86583
98569 38012


Toupa hong thukimpih ding lamen in date 09 February 2008 sun dak 12:00 in ka nu uh (L) NINGZAMAN leh ka naupa uh (L)T.LANGBIAKLIAN suangphuh honna program, Tangnuam hanmual ah neih ka sawm uh a, hihhun ah hong kihel ding in pawlpite ngainatuam in
ka hong chial uhi.


T. Vunglal (paneu)
T. Ginglianthang

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