Thursday, May 15, 2008


Name: A sweet sound by which a person or thing is known

I was given a name by my parents.

With the coming of Internet, email etc I am having many names. I was availing a free email accounts; first from indiatimes wherein the size allotted is 10MB, only 4MB offered by yahoo then. My names in them are tkamlian and mail4tom respectively, reflecting a part of me. But I am now maintaining mail4kamlian at dot com to do away the confusing dot co dot in for the email provided on Indian version by yahoo. Then Gmail happens to be the in thing. There I am with my full name kamzalian. Corporate mail comes into picture which turns me to tdotkamzalian at nabard dot org. Same person but with different name [identity]! With the coming of Internet many are taking many different names. Most of the time not reflecting any of their identity. I consider them coward and put them in the same category with those having beautiful but meaningless signature.

I was once asked the meaning of my name by my friend. I told him that I am happy and excited to tell the meaning of my name. I explain it this way: Kam is taken from the ending of my maternal grand father's name, Luan Kam. This is the usual way of naming in the Society I grew up. Za literally means hundreds which stands for many. Lian means great. So free translation of my name kamzalian means 'as great as many Lions'. Wow, what a great name! Now my friends need no reminder of my full name.


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