Thursday, May 8, 2008

Success in Interview for Manager in NABARD

My result for GrB interview held on 4th February was announced on 19 March 2008. It was made known to me first by my DGM(HS). He call me in his cabin and congratulate me on my success. The time was around 2.30pm. He told me that it is a secret and warn me not to tell anybody except my wife. It was at about 5.00pm that Mumbai people called me to inquire about the result. The result was then uploaded in the nabnet. My name was surely there! Colleagues poured in to congratulate me on my success. The next day I came to Office and sat really late to finished work on Actuarial statement. Brought a sweet package given by my Office on account of Holi. Reach home at about 10.00pm.

Let me highlight some of the messages (sms) i recieved on my achievement:

Successful people have da ability to grow anywhere. Congrats 4 being elevated 2 Mgr -Mewang Lowang, Itanagar

I just saw the entire promotion list today, congratulations! Great going!- Arpita Bhattacharjee.

Na promotion kon kipahpih lua, Ukam. Pathian vualzawlna hi mawle.. Bye- Lal Ngaihte.

A Pa & NuLian, heartiest & warmest congratulation on your promotion. May God bless more success in future- Khatchin Langel.

Congrats on empanelment for promotion to Gr B- Sarkar, Laksman, Itanagar.

Heartiest congrats on your promotion & wish you both happy Easter-Numan and Pakhup(NT Khankhup).

Thanks U and congrats! Lets keep in touch- K K Valte.

Congrts ! On ur prmtn 2 Mgr. I jst hrd da gud news 4rm ZTT. All da bst in da comng day also. Mpha hoih tk na vk un- Momoi Itanagar.

Heartiest congratulation on ur PROMOTION. Wis u many more to come. Happy Holi. Wish u fun n joys- Maj T Shoute.

Congrats-Muanding n Family.

Heartiest congratulations on ur promotion. May it b an opportunity 4 u to serve with greater zeal and dedication 2 bring change 2 a larger no. of people. God bless U!- Paul Tombing.

Tom na promotion ka hong lungdam pih lua mi teng kiang ah ka genkha kawikawi hi. Topa thupha hi maw.-Man-i


TUNI chiangchiang hong gualzawhpih TOUPA hoih himaw!
I tunga thiltungte TOUPA honsawl, TOUPA phawkpih a tung na hivek dan hiveh aw. Maw? [Matt10:29] Kawlgit khat leng mangngailhlou hong it law mahmah hi.
//Kaisanna zong TOUPA akipan mah hi ei. Avelvel a (Toupa hoihna/chitna na tan uh) lungdampih etsakna in 'frame' lianlou leh thugelh kipahpih luat 2 hongpia ung. Tanghou phel 5 leh ngasa nih vaulzawl a, balkham a, mipi 5000 val vak pa in frame & write-ups' thute vualzawl in hong balkhap sakta hen!

Pasian nei nam (mimal mal kigawm) a hampha. Nang hon nei nam a hampha' chithei minam/mimal i hih khawng hamphathuai in angtan huai e. TOUPA thupha maw!

A itna lamtak ziak in,

13/04/2008 Ukim leh Usum
// Asst. Manager, NABARD to Manager.

These are the phone call received by me.
Vung Guite-AGM, NABARD
Khaisiamlal Guite, Mgr NABARD.
Rajkumar, AM NABARD HO
K G Tungdim, Tangnuam Village
Kiran Johri, Ahmedabad
Suanzalian, CPWD Quarter, New Delhi
Lambawi Naulak and fmly also visit me
Khamchin Naulak, R K Puram-12, New Delhi.
Khamkhanchin Ngaihte

Birthday wish
On your birthday I thank God for giving us such a lovely brother. I take this opportunity to thank you for everything. May God grant you long life to continue the good work and success in all your endeavour. Also may the good Lord answer your prayers. Happy birthday dear brother.

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