Friday, November 7, 2008

Future computer and communication

First let's start with the everyday computer. It will be VERY VERY powerful; a quantum sort of computer you'll be having, small but very powerful. And you'll not be having any software on your computer. I believe that in the near future we need not buy the full volume software. To be frank we do not use the full features of any software and also we do NOT need them! The software here I mean starting from the word processor, adobe through the gaming software to the highly developed software used for complex calculations. It will be like use and pay. You will not run out of storage space in your computer, mobile phone or media player either! Your files and all you data will be stored in the SKY. Your computer will have the operating system only, so thinness and portability comes easy. All other so-called software/programs will be on the web space(SKY). Just use them and pay as you use. The payment will not be through your credit card or through your prepaid voucher. It will be billed by the service provider of your mobile phone service. All the Wi-Fi and networks will be all around you to use.

The same file or attachment need not be transferred from your space to their space. Just sharing them with all the revised tags will reduce the cluttering of our space.

This much for now, folk.

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