Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to manage your multiple email accounts?

Life is difficult sometimes. I mean a virtual life with so many identities and email addresses. Having email IDs with different service providers for your family, friends, Office and blah blah… Here’s the solution I found and used.
1. Take advantage of the mail forwarding utility.
2. Let all your emails except yahoo [say] be forwarded to your yahoo mail account. You may filter the message before it gets forwarded.
3. Be online with your yahoo messenger.
4. The mails from all service providers will keep pouring into your yahoo mail account and notify you by the messenger.
5. Click to check the mail.
6. You can start writing and hitting the reply to them ASAP. But please refer the next point.
7. You may also directly go the mail service provider of your mail account and reply them from there to not combine or confuse your “somebody”.
8. The same can be followed for other mail accounts also instead of yahoo.

Enjoy mailing!

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