Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A bad day on my first protocol duty

27 December 2007: Received a phone call from Kailash Pahwa, Liaison Section at 1230pm informing me about my being selected for Protocol duty tomorrow. They noted my Mobile number and Residential address.

I was given the duty chart wherein the the dignitary to whom I was allotted viz Sh Letkhogin Haokip, Commissioner of Agriculture, Manipur Government was indicated. After waiting up to 1830hrs, a Vehicle was allotted to me for delivering the documents/papers to Sh. Haokip. I went and deliver the package at his residence at EC 320, Maya Enclave, Mayapuri. I then inform him by phone through his son, David that I came to deliver the package and will be picking him at 930am tomorrow with the vehicle allotted by NABARD for him.

Waiting for the Vehicle till 830am but no Vehicle to be found. A phone call came at 844am asking me the exact location of my residence. I gave them my address and was inform that the vehicle is on its way. The vehicle came at 915am. I then dash off for picking Haokip. I called to inform my arrival but no one is picking the phone. I reach his residence by 950am and was told by his wife that sir had already left with one sadarji driver. He went to visit a doctor due to a pain in the chest. I then contact him through his wife and he directed me to come to NABARD. I then sped off to NABARD Office. On reaching NABARD I found out that Sir Haokip has already reach and is now sitting in the board room of NABARD. I inform Pusphas Pandey and Rajiv Singh that the Vehicle came late and I came back empty handed without Sir Haokip. I learnt that there was confusion about the allotment of vehicle. A vehicle was despatch for Sir Haokip at 830am of which I was not informed then.

After the RIDF loan Sanction and Board meeting I met Sir Haokip and try helping him. He told me that Rajiv Singh is the Officer attached with him. I then took all his belonging and put the same in the trolley given to him. I went down and put the same in the Vehicle.

I was then scolded by Sh K K Gupta, GM-OIC for no fault of mine. Chairman and MD were also beaming with anger. I inform him that the vehicle came late of which I inform Rajiv and Pusphas. After Haokip took his lunch I led him down to the car with Pusphas. He then complains about a pain in his chest. We then let him sit in the ground floor and called our BMO. After examining him, BMO gave him some tablets like Disprin, Digene etc. I then took him to his residence in Maya Enclave. When proposing him about going to doctor on our way home and also at his residence he said that no use in going to doctor as of now. The necessary tests have been done and the results are awaited. The same will be collected tomorrow. While asking about the despatch of vehicle tomorrow he told me to send the car at 9.00am. I then volunteer myself to accompany him to the doctor tomorrow. I took leave and inform Rajiv about the vehicle to be sent tomorrow to Sir Haokip. I also indicated that I will be accompanying Haokip tomorrow and also request him to send the vehicle to me at 8.00am. I then contacted Sh Despande. He told me to have my lunch (at 0351pm) and let the car dropped me to my residence. In then told him that i will be going straight home and reach my residence at 430pm and sign in the challan of the car alloted to me.

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