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With bro Biakthang

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T. Zamlunmang Zou said...

New Delhi, December 7, 2008: Miss Niki Cing Lun Mang of Vikaspuri, New Delhi was crowned the coveted ZCF Youth ICON 2008 on December 7, 2008 at Free Church, Parliament Street, New Delhi by the Youth Department, Zomi Christian Fellowship Delhi.

The program was attended by huge number of people. By 2PM, the Pastor Rev. G.K. Samte declared the program opened. It was followed by a choreography from ZCF’s Angels, then Pu T. Kaithang delivered a short speech on the topic “Youths, wait for your chance to come”. The program was such a grant success.

She is the daughter of Pu Thangkhando leh Pi Sawkimseel from Sihjang, Yangkong, Burma currently studying Class XII in Seventh Day Adventist School, Rourkee, Uttarakhand, India.

Nineteen young and talented singers participated the grand competition of which five most outstanding singers were selected for the final round. The Best Performance Award was awarded to Mr. Thang Go Kap and the Most Promising Singers’ Award goes to Ms. Naomi Haumuanching.

The awards consists of Trophy, cash, gift vouchers and gift items.

The competitors:

01. T. Benzamin
02. Thang Suan Hatzaw
03. T. Henry Mungnou
04. Lammalsawm Tungnung
05. Gracy Mannu Zou
06. Vungneimawi
07. Cing Lun Mang
08. Lianching
09. Naomi Haumuanching
10. Lianthawnmung
11. Thangkhangen Samte
12. H. Pausianmuan
13. George Suanlianlal
14. Thanggokap
15. Joseph Doulunlal Samte
16. Lianmuankham Suante
17. Khupmuonpao Manlun
18. S. Rosy
19. Nangkhanpau @ Pauneu

Top five:

1. Naomi Haumuanching
2. Cinglunmang
3. Lalmalsawm Tungnung
4. Thang Go Kap
5. Nang Khan Pau


American Idol, Indian Idol chite khengval ah ZCF Youth Icon, (….Idol hilou) dated 07/12/08 Sunday sunnung nai 02-05pm kikal sung in Free Church, Parliament Street mun ah Youth Department(YD),Zomi
Christian Fellowship, Delhi(ZCFD) vaisaina nei ah jaw in umta hi.

Pasian in thupina,loupina leh patoina tengteng tang jota hen. Leitung ah kitaitena nam tuomtuom, jat tuomtuom um sausau te lah a kidemna minthang mama khat ahileh Laasah/ laasasian kitaite na ahi ma
bang in YD,ZCFD in Pasian patoina laasah kidemna thupitah akibawl na ah ZCFD member guoh hilou Hattuom tuomtuom apat leh mi/jat tuomtuom jong hing kihel in pichingsah tuom mama hi.

Tambang kitaite na pen ZCF khangthu adiin amasa penpen suoh a, mailam hun a jong hasuolou a sutjoptou pet diin hoi kisa hi. Abul patna ahitoh chi in ZCFD member guoh huop in tam kidemna kibawl a, nanleh Pasian in hunhoi leh ni lemchang angguon leh ZCFD member sung guoh hikhoplou in Hattuom tuomtuomte tanpha huop in kibawl nuom nalaisat hi.Tam kidemna ah nungah 06 leh tangval 13 pang hi.

Tambang laasah siam, laasathei leh laa lunglut ZCFD member a um pen koipou in thupi leh limdang sachiet hi. Pasian in thupina tangta hen,Amen?? Tam kidemna ahileh ning li(4): Presentation, Voice, Punctuation leh Harmony in ki en a, endihtu jong li(4) ma kiphasah hi. Amaute ahileh K.Biakkhanmang Guite (EBC, Delhi), B. Goumuanthang (NTBC,Delhi) ,Javies Phaltual (EOC, Delhi) Pa Kamkhansing(ZCFD) leh Pa MC Dalthang (ZCFD), tuothamlou in Teller Officer ahileh Pa Carey Tuangpu(ZCFD) ahihi.

Ahun manphatahte uh nuosia a tami programme subuchingtu a ang pangsah na uoh YD in kipathu kigen chimlou hi. Laasah kidemna dangte toh akibatlou na khat ahileh tam kidemna ah Participants tengteng in laa tuom chiet asa uo, a solfa um keilou in entuten a endih chetchet uo,athupina mama khat asuoh sah hi.
Tam kitaitena vai saiding kuon in sum leh pai bangchimu a lawching sah theiding chi ngaituona tampi tah YD in meeting teng phiel a kingaisut a, hinanleh mihing lemguot leh ngaituona kheel(beyond) ah Pasian in i thumna leh ngetnate naja in nungah tangval, nupi papi kiphal aning akoi ah tuisam bang hing phul in budget khengval bang imu hi.Mangpan thupina tang kiata hen, Amen???

Tambang mikiphal leh YD, ZCFD khangthu amang ngeinawn keilou ding te ahi uleh:

Nh. Ciin Lun Ching (Chirag Delhi) in Trophy (in loving memory of her late father leh mother, worth Rs.1500) + Rs.1000 (in cash);
Tv.T. Z. Zou (Ghaziabad) in Rs.1000/- ; Tv.T.Paulianthang (Munirka) in Rs.500/-;
Mrs. Shelley and husband(Dubai) in Rs.5000/-;
Pu Baiklun Shoute (Vasant Enclave) in Gift pack(worth Rs.2000);
Nu Irene Tungnung (Munirka) in Ansal Plaza Shopping Coupon worth Rs.1000/-;
Tv. Lam Khan Thang (Ber Sarai) in McDonald Restaurant Coupon (worth Rs.500/-);
Tv. D S Mang(Munirka) in Gift pack (worth Rs.500/-);
Tv. Nelson (Munirka) in Rs.500/-;
Tv. S. Thangsuanmung (Safdarjung Enclave) in Banner;
YD Executive member tengteng in Rs.100 chiet.
Tambang a sum leh pai,tha leh jung ahing kithuopi tengteng nabawn uatung ah YD in kipathu kang gengen uo,ka genchim theinawn tasih ding uh hi.Pasian in atamjawsem in hing guoljawlta hen chi kathumna uh ahi hi.

Nuomman tam anei abang a pieh khiet ahita hi :-

ZCF Youth Icon 2008

Nh. Cing Lun Mang(Vikaspuri)
Trophy + Rs.1000 + Gift pack (Rs.2000) + Certificate.

Most Promising Singer

Nh. Haumuanching(Munirka)
Shopping Coupon (Rs.1000) + Certificate;

Best Perfomance
Pa Kappi (Vikaspuri)
Gift pack (Rs.500) + Restaurant Coupon (Rs.500),

Participant tengteng Certificate + Rs.100/- each.

Tuo thamlou in Judges tengteng Rs.200/- chiet kipie hi.

Tammi programme ding toh kisai atawl ngamanlou, sum leh pai, tha leh jung, lungsim ngaituona a hingpangsah tengteng, tammi programme hing uop a supichingtu mipi tengteng leh tammi programme jakha a theikha jousie natung uoh lungdam thu kangpuoh uh hi.Tambang a Pasian phatna leh patoi theina nam tuomtuom a i Bieh Pasian bie leh phat tawntung ding leh bethei phattheiding in hanchiem chietjing vai.Genkhiel,genval, gelkhiel leh gelval, gelchinglou, genching, suutchinglou a um leh Pasian min in ngaidam kang ngen hi.

Thupina,patoina leh lalna tengteng Mangpan tang tawntung tahen, Amen