Saturday, March 14, 2009

ZOMI chiat mah hi hang

The early British researchers Carey and Tuck noted about us like this:
‘Those of the Kuki tribes which we designate as Chin did not recognize the name which is said to be the Burmese corruption of the Chinese word ‘Jin’ or ‘Jen’ meaning ‘man’
The Linguistic Survey of India 1904 recorded as:
“The name is not used by the tribes themselves, who used titles such as Zo or Yo or Sho”
The book written by a Roman Catholic Missionary, Father Sangermano, who came to Burma in 1785AD, titled ‘The Burmese Empire’ mention us as follows:
“TO the east of Chien mountains between 20’:30’ & 21’:30’ latitude is petty nation called JO. They are supposed to have been Chien, who in progress of time, have become Burmanized, speaking their language, although very corruptly, and adopting all their customs”.
My humble conclusion is that ZOMI is for KUKI, CHIN and MIZO.

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