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Glimpses of the book, ‘who moved my cheese’?

Class re-union on one fine Sunday in Chicago with the aim to get to know what life has made their friends or what they made out of life.

Angela, the most expressive girl, was the first to speak out. She declares that life surely changed dramatically. Michael confirms Carol and Jessica’s thoughts on how they were afraid of change. He further says that his non-adjustment to the big changes that happen at that time almost made him lost his business!

Like any other stories the real story “who moved my cheese?” starts with once upon a time. Four little character whose name respectively represents their personality; two mice Sniff and Scurry and two little human-like Hem and Haw. They ran through a maze in search of Cheese: A Cheese that nourish and make them happy. The meaning of life.

The two mice Sniff and Scurry were ever ready to move with change by hanging their running shoes around their necks. When the cheese (common cheese) was gone they were not surprised as they were ready and prepared for it. Hem and Haw (the little people with character like us human) were rather shocked as they were not ready for this and took a long time to accept the situation. They were in the least prepared for. They already put away their running shoes, moved towards the cheese and even started a social life around the cheese. It makes them more secure and thought the cheese would last forever. They feel that they deserved the cheese after a long and hard work in searching them. Their confidence turns to arrogance of success and their enjoyment of the comfort of having the Cheese blinds them from noticing what was happening around them.

Hem even yelled “Who moved my cheese?” He declares that it’s not fair and thinks that it should not be like this! At last Haw wake up from his ignorance and inquire about Sniff and Scurry (S & S). He even feels that S & S knows something they did not know.

S & S were busy doing the right thing; Moving out, looking here and there in search of new cheese. Naturally, they found a big cheese station N. Hem & Haw were busy looking for the old cheese all the surrounding areas. They did not notice the small changes that were taking place every day. They wait for the cheese to be put back in station C. They started earlier, work harder and even chiselled the wall of station C in their search for the depleted cheese. Haw can now differentiate between activity and productivity. He realised what fear had done on him and he laugh at his folly.

He knows the advantage between staying at the same place and moving out, which one will lead to the cheese. The thought of venturing out put a smile on his face (and imagining himself eating the different types of mouth watering cheese!). His hunger made him weak and took him longer time and painful moments to get through the maze. Banishing his fear makes him happy. It took him to new directions, and also gave him strength. He concluded and accepted that change is natural and it surprises us only if we don’t expect it. Gone are the old beliefs. New belief system emerges which encourages new behaviour. A small and little success in finding bits of cheese led him regain strength and confidence. As he let go of the past and start adapting to the present he ran into a new cheese station N. The greatest supply of cheese he’d ever seen. It was like his dream or imagination till he saw his old friend S & S with their fat little bellies enjoying the new tasty cheese.

After learning life’s lesson the hard way he is ever ready for the next move (change) by hanging his running shoes on his neck now. Hem was a hard fellow who is adamant to change. He did not want to move out and was totally against change. He thought that the cheese would be put back in cheese the old station C. He did not even try to move a limp when cajole and campaign by his good friend Haw. At last let’s say he died of hunger!

Let me ask you, Are you ready for change?

MICE: are simple creatures who acts fast and takes note of their surrounding and environment. They did not complicate things by over analysing them. They make things simple. Just like what the management guru Mr Arindam Chaudhary harp upon: KISS- Keep It Simple and Short. They are ready for change by putting their running shoes on their neck. They did not repeat their mistake and learnt their lessons fast. They have role clarity- each according to his innate ability and always work by team effort. They believe and are confident of themselves. When situation change, they did not curse or blame. They also did not depend on external factors. SNIFF: looks for the opportunity to find a new cheese by using his intrinsic ability-sniffing around the maze. SCURRY: is action oriented and scurries into action. Fast.

[Author’s note: It was a book[ written by Dr Spencer Johnson] I finished reading on my travelling by bus between Imphal and Dimapur while I was working in Patkai, Dimapur sometime in the year 2002. I was fortunate enough to get hold of the book once again to review and made a presentation during my training in NBSC, Lucknow on promotion.]

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