Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tawmging beh khang tangthu

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kim said...

A hoih e...kei le Tombing te ka hi..unau khat,beh khat, phung khat i hi uh.


At the very outset, the title of your post itself confuse me. After reading your upload, I am more convince that 'Tombing' should be use as it is the real genealogical term as we understand. Adding to this, I'm sad that you reduce our history to just a (mere)'tangthu'.

Hey, buddy a suggestion - it will be more convenient, if you remove the word verification for posting comment.

Thanks again, for your hard work. Its a work much appreciated, making it available in e-form. The credit goes to you. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

About Tombing and Tawmging let me tell what I learnt from this book:

I think you just conclude the name of the clan as Tombing from the introductory part of the book.
1. Referring to the genealogy tree wherein the names of the fore fathers are given points that Tawmging is the right name of the clan. ‘Bing’ as far as I know is meaningless in our dialect.
2. Reading the resolution of the first clan meet shows that it is Tawmging and not Tawmbing.
..and the rest, as they say, is history..

Min said...

What the content might be..I am excited only by seeing Tawmging-Tombing words itself..And love to read this Khang Tangthu in one single file.I would like to thanks in advance for your compilation, instead of asking elders gaining partial knowledge of the stories or other books so far not briefing you as this one does."Tawmging beh khang tangthu"

gosiansang said...

Aw sang gam ih beh thu ka zon2 leh nang kiang pan na mu ingh lung dam maw? mai lam ah ki thu za zel ni maw.........

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Your best regards,