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Delhi ah Khuado Pawi Kilawm Ding

Zomite pawi (festival) thupi khat ahi Khuado Pawi kumsin in Delhi ah zong ki bawl zel a, tu kum zong ki bawl ding hi. Mipi deihna bang in tutung program ah item li (4) ki thupi sak hi – ngeina lam, kisiansuahna/minam a ding thungetna, lasakna leh annek khopna.

India Zomite’n i muh ngeiloh Falam cultural dance kicial hi.

Delhi Khuado 2009 program ding (tentative) pen hih dan hi.

Amun: MCD Community Hall, B Block, JJ Colony, Hastal, Uttam Nagar – Near Uttam Nagar East Metro Station
Ani: 14 November 2009
Ahun: 13:30 hrs to 16:30 hrs

Hun-uk: Tg Joseph Pau Lam Mung leh Lia Cing Sian Hau

1.Khuado Lasakna : Tg Pau Muan leh a lawmte
2.Vaidawn thugenna : Pu G Swan Za Lian
3. Kisiansuahna/thupha ngetna : Pastor TK Lian
4. Lasakna : Selected Artistes

5. Ngeina Lam Lahna: Zomi Ngeina Lam, Falam Cultural leh Khuakhai Lam
6. Lungdam Kohna :Secretary Finance, Khuado 2009 leh Chairman, Zomi Innkuan, Vikaspuri
7. Hun khakna : Pastor Ngin Khan Do
8.Lamvui kaihna leh Pawi an nekna: Mipi

Delhi ah Tedim kampau Zomi 1,200 bang ki om hi.

**Note: "Ciimphawng Laaituite paudan" a kici labu leitheih din om. Laaitui i cih Gangte hong kipatna ahihmah bang in a ciamnuih leh thu kigelhte ciimphawng thei peuhmah ei.

Lei meng in, Carey Tuang- 99584800447 ahk Pastor T K Lian-9911282977, Delhi te kiangah Rs.50/- in muhtheih ding. Quick review

Khuado Harvest Festival Celebrated All Over The World

Khuado Pawi, the harvest festival or Thanksgiving Day of the Zo people, is being celebrated every year by the Zo people all over the world.

This harvest festival is said to have been started around 1400 AD at Ciimnuai which is somewhere within the present Chin State of Burma (Myanmar).

This Khuado Pawi is also celebrated by other various Zo people using various other names – Chapchar Kut by Mizo and Chavang Kut by the Kuki. Signifying the cultural affinity of the Mizo, Kuki and Chin/Zomi of Burma, once again.

Khuado Pawi has become the most popular festivals among the Zo people in recent years thanks to the immigration of the Zo people (also known as Chin people) especially from Chin State of Burma to various countries in the West, and to Australia, Japan, New Zealand etc.

Khuado Pawi, apart from its cultural significance, has become even more important in recent years especially when the Zo people are displaced and scattered all over the world. It now has become a celebration of unity, of asserting one’s Zo identity and proclaiming their shared unique cultural and historical heritage. It’s a day of thanksgiving and catching up with friends and family.

Traditionally, Zo people celebrated Khuado by dancing and singing folksongs, drinking the homemade alcoholic drinks known as Zu, and feasting on either beef or pork with corn.

However, today, alcohol consumption is not encouraged although singing, dancing and feasting are still the norm when celebrating Khuado. Not only that fashion shows, rock concerts, football tournaments, lawn tennis tournaments are being organised to cater to the interests of today’s youths. It’s often said Khuado is to Zo people what Thanksgiving Day is to Americans.

Mr H Kham Khan Suan in Khuado: Harvest Festival of the Zo People writes:

“Khuado signifies vanquish over the evil spirit. Usually held for two to three days at the house of the local priest or chief in the month of September/October depending on the arrival of harvest, it is consummated by the killing of two or three cattles (preferably pigs) with a generous distribution of zu (traditional wine).”

Khuado is nowadays celebrated in the month of October, which is also known as Khuado Kha or Do Kha in Zopau/Tedim dialect (kha means month).

Below is the list of countries/cities and the dates on which Khuado was and is being celebrated this year:

Germany, Frankfurt 3rd October 2009;
Burma, Chin State, Haka 3rd October 2009;
Burma, Kalemyo (Kawlpi) 2nd & 3rd October 2009
Australia, Melbourne 3rd October 2009; Report on
India, Manipur, Lamka 2nd October 2009;
India, Mizoram, Aizawl 10th October 2009; Report on
India, New Delhi 14th November 2009.
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 30th October 2009 – Thawn Kham, Sangpi & Zamnu are special guests;
USA, Florida 30th October 2009, Lawn Tennis tournament is also organised on the same day;
USA, Tulsa, Oklahoma 24th October 2009
Sweden 10th October 2009
Japan, Tokyo 18th October 2009
Singapore 17th October 2009 for pictures go here.
USA, Portland 10 October 2009
USA, Arizona 25 October 2009
USA, Washington DC 31 October 2009
Norway Unconfirmed/to be updated
UK, London Unconfirmed/to be updated
Denmark Unconfirmed/to be updated

Stay tuned for more Khuado celebration reports on

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