Saturday, November 14, 2009


~S. Suanthang Ngaihte, Tangnuam ,Manipur

Many people have attained success in their life. We study their life history. We see they have not attained success all at once. They have worked hard for a long time. Only those who worked hard get glory and success in life. Nothing great can be achieved without effort. Napoleon once said, "God is on the side of the brave armies". It is true that God also appreciates those people who laboured hard. There is no royal road to success. A student can never come out with flying colours unless he has really worked hard throughout the year. A farmer cannot reap a rich harvest without putting his utmost effort while working in the fields. A lawyer cannot defend his chants if he does not work hard at his law books. Prosperous business has to work hard to earn fat profit. Scientists keep toiling for years and only then do they make great inventions.
Future belongs to those who work for it. If we really worked hard there is a great likelihood of success. But if a man ventures, nothing will he have. Many people depend on luck. They do not work hard because they think that they cannot gain success if they are not lucky. Such people are weak-minded. They blame their fate for their failures. Some people do not depend on luck or fate. They have strong will power and courage. They have confidence in themselves.
They believe that they will build up their fortune by their own efforts. We have read of many great men who rose to power and position. They became very rich from a very humble position by dint of their own efforts. The Goddess of fortune smiles on those who are really hard working. Thus, we can build our own fortune future if we work hard.
If we want to do great things we must work hard. We must proceed step by step with patience and perseverance. We must not be daunted by failures. If we fail, we must try again. We must not be depressed by failures. In the long run our efforts wil be crowed with success Poverty cannot stand in the way of a persevering student with resolute will to shine in this world. There are many examples of poor students who shone in life by dint of industry, patience and perseverance. They were never daunted by failures or misfortunes. They had a resolute will and they found out a way to attain success in life. We know the story of the thirsty crow and the pitcher. The crow was thirsty.

It was determined to drink water. At last it found out a water to satisfy its thirst.
We must have a resolute will. It will urge us on to our goal. Once, Napoleon had to cross the Alps in the winter with his soldiers. It was impossible to cross the Alps & such a cold winter. It was then covered with snow. Napoleon had a very strong sharp will Ht j said that they must find out a way to cross the cold winter. Neither the cold winter nor the snow could stand on his way As a result; he was able to cross the Alps.
Many people look only w problem and not at the opportunities which lies within the problem. For instance, two men looked out to their prison bar-one saw MUD and the other one saw STARS. That accurately describes two views and their jobs, not realizing that if the jobs were simple. The employer would hire someone with If ability at a substantially lo wages. Again, most people who fail in their dream fail not from lack of ability but from lack of commitment. Commitment produces greater and greater rewards. Motivation gives you the 'want to training gives you the 'how to' and the combination produces the necessary creative ideas to be more effective in realizing your dream. Commitment, discipline and responsibility keep you going when the going gets tough. That does not mean you are not a fun loving person. It just means you take your job seriously and do things effectively.
Every one gets 24 hours a day- 60 minutes for every hour and 60 seconds for every minute. No one can get more. No one can get less. In this sense, every one is truly equal. A person who set the right path in his present life will belongs to the future and will be well known until the end of days...!!!

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