Saturday, September 3, 2011

Short speech on thanks giving day of our new Quarter

[Colony a eimi omte u Khualpu te inkuan, Muanding te inkuan leh Thangzason samkhom in La sak na "Topa hoih hi leh great is thy faithfulness" neih khit a hih zoh in]
Topa phatna la sak nuam ei.
We are gathered togather here to give thanks to God. Prayer goes up blessings comes down. It calls for a celebration. For some people it is a very simple thing but for us it is great. The cause is our new residential quarters, a two bedroom A 22, RBI Staff Quarters, Mumbai central (located at 18• 58'8"N, 72•49'35"E). The location in terms of connectivity for us is perfect. Looking at our conditions we are badly in need of a bigger accommodation. We prayed about it. The good God grant our prayers through our bosses and we are really thankful for it.
We are also thankful to our friends and well wishers. To madam (Kalyani Patra mother of M. Patra, CGM RBI) and to all who are present here. People call a house warming party but for us it is a thanks giving time to our almighty God. I feel it is our duty to say atleast thank you to God.

Now let me call upon our dear pastor to say a few words and lead us in prayer to be followed by dinner.

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