Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lost mobile phone, lost all contacts

'I lost all my contacts along with the handset' is the usual refrain I got from friends and family members who matters to me. Its a fact and a very usual thing is to 'not keep the hard copy' of the contact list in our memo or address book. Phone book is a thing of the past. I can suggest you one solution to restore the contacts list even if your handset is lost.

Most of the handset we are using comes with a internet browsing capability. The contacts including email and phone numbers (home, mobile, office) and address can be sync with the online email service provider like yahoo, gmail. Sync it with your mobile handset.

Let's say you lost your mobile phone unfortunately. I do sympathize you on that. But you can still have the old contact list from the email accounts with which you sync your lost phone by restoring it to your newly bought mobile phone by sync-ing with the mail account.

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