Wednesday, March 28, 2012

War against corruption


I kiang na tan ah dik in ka thei.

Lt Col Sankar P Barua is the organiser of National Management Service (NMS). Educated at the city of London School and the Council of Legal Education, London. After serving in the Indian Army for 17 years he wrote to the Indian Army HQ in 1967 that he wished to leave the Army because he disapproved some government policies. According to him six Indians major problems are:
1. India's politicians are demagogues. They cannot define or explain India's 4 National goals to people and have no interest to secure them. They contest elections, use money and and muscles power to get elected and make India's educated elite, politically redundant. They do NOT secure India's 4 National goals which they are paid to secure. Instead, they serve the "President's pleasure" under Art. 310-311 of the Constitution.

2. India's politicians do not know how to secure the 10 basic essentials of life for all citizens and make India a Social Republic.

3. India's politicians do NOT know how to create a Secular, All India comradeship of equal citizens. Over 93% of Indians are separated by religious hatreds or are divided into Castes, Dalits and Scheduled Castes that detest, distrust or disassociate themselves from one another.

4. India's politician cannot stop India's population growth.

5. India's politicians do not know how to secure Peace and Friendship with neighbours and use the defence spending thus saved to remove Insia's poverty. China, Pakistan and other neighbouring countries must be India's best friends and not is worst enemies.

6. India's politicians do not ensure equal opportunity for all Indians. India's English medium educated people are good National and global communicators. They get good jobs anywhere in India or abroad and rise to the top of their professions. India's vernnacular educated population (like Dalits) do NOT get an equal opportunity.

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