Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello there, WhatsApp?

(Credits to Vash Hatzaw and Lengtonghoih)

Whats up? Being connected to friends, family and colleagues is always important. And there, surely is the ‘feel good’ factor; to be in constant touch with them.

For connection, the letter is outdated. Email, who wrote structured email these days. Few. Very few of us. The Phone call? But people like me hate receiving phone calls. You know, people call when it is convenient for them and they did not care to think of my convenience to receive the call. A real time messaging service is the inthing. This facility of instant msging service provided by BB helps in its sales. With BBM you can send msg to other countries also. But the facility is between BB and another BB user only.

Forget about the msg pack. Just activate the internet service for your gprs basic phone. To browse and send msgs. No extra msg pack is needed. And if you happen to be in a wi-fi zone, no charge at all, right from downloading the apps. Using it, a msg or a realtime chat can be stream to others across different handsets, networks and countries. Yes, I mean to other countries also. I started liking the service. To know more just read on.

To avail the service, downloads an apps from the internet It is compatible with every mobile phone handset. Don't panic to provide your mobile phone number. It is through your number the (chat) msg will be delivered to you. After installing just add your friends and start msging. If in the mood, go for group chat. If you care to read the legal terms (Anyway who read them) the latest is dated January 5, 2012 click here

Well well well, now the credits. This extremely useful apps was developed by two guys who worked previously with Yahoo. I salute their creativity.

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Priscilla C. said...

Wah... A gelhdan leh repdan nahong siam mah2 xel eys ..
Sim nuam mah2 eys Sirjee..
1 yr free hinalai.. comfy jomah.. hicikan jaw omkei moms :P