Monday, November 12, 2012

Our world getting smaller and smaller

I observed that we make our own world smaller and smaller.
Look at the early days of Adam and Eve as found in the Bible. The whole world belongs to them. Its their world. Then comes the concept of nation, race and you name it! 
We are separated by narrow domestic walls. With the arrival of technology in the the form of Television, the small screen Tv is our world. We live and completely spend our time and get occupied in that 17" or 21" size screen. Then comes the computer. The computer is smaller than the TV. We spend our time and precious energy there. Now is the age of mobile phones. Its a 4-5cm size gadgets. We think that it is the 'in thing' and spend our life, money there every day, every hour, each minute and even seconds.

We, indeed make our world smaller and smaller! What say?

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