Monday, November 12, 2012

Use the social network, freely!

Most of our Office and work place ban the use and access to social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut etc as it effect the work. Yes, it do effect our work. But if you must (need) to access them, here is one way.

I believe you must be in love with the best internet browser Mozilla's Firefox. Mozilla also develop an email client called Thunderbird which is similar to Outlook Express.

First let us install the Mozilla's Thunderbird. You may download freely from the internet. Configure your email in the same way as you did in Outlook Express. This email client is having a chat facility call CHAT in the home dash board. Just click the CHAT icon in the Thunderbird and add your social network account. Maybe facebook' chat, Gtalk etc. Let me show you the way in pictorial form.
Dashboard of the Thunderbird email client

Configure your email account
Click on the CHAT button

 Select the network like Facebook Chat, Google Talk, IRC, Twitter etc

 Key in the username of the account so selected

  You may put this one blank
Setting done

Connect or disconnect button. You contacts will be populated

Your friends in groups. The topmost group will show with whom you are chatting at the moment. I did not show it here for privacy (of my friends)

A sample username in Facebook. Can you see its only numbers

Start Chatting/conversation
Take note the other useful features of Thunderbird. Sharing large files without actually sending to your friend. Don’t load and send the large file in the email; Just linked it to your friend.

Thunderbird keeps on expanding the list of partners for Thunderbird Filelink: Their partner now joins YouSendIt and UbuntuOne in the list of tightly integrated online storage service partners.Try and avail the benefits.

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