Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comparision of Samsung Galaxy Grand and S Duos

As per the telephonic discussions with Mr. David Son and the follow-up Fb chat on 10 July 2013, the undersign was directed to compare and review some Smart Phones especially between Samsung S Duos ( the latest in the S series being S 4)and Grand as indicated in the transcript of the chat below which itself is the terms of reference.

David Son
boss samsung galaxy s duos leh grand duos hon compare zual dih.. na tuni assignment ahi lolz
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Kamzalian Tomging
Thy will be done Sir. Midang toh collaboration in ka hong hih ding
8 hours ago
David Son
ka deih maw, smart phone black, dual sim for facebook,and camera pixel not leass than 5 pix. huai features ahi\
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Kamzalian Tomging
Noted Sir
8 hours ago
Msg accessed at 4:30pm, 10 July 2013

The survey found that both the phones are found to be quite competitive and fit the requirements. And they are available in black color.
Grand-18,720 INR; VFM-3/5
S Duos-11,445 INR; VFM-4/5

Culling out the reviews and views of end user.
Own testing.

Galaxy Grand
A product of Samsung launched in December 2012 running on an Android platform, Jelly bean. It is packed with a 8 mp back camera and a 2mp front camera for video chat. It does recording in 1080 HD. A BIG 5inches screen to view and review. Sharp, quite sharp pictures. In Built storage of 8GB expandable to 64GB not forgetting that it has 1024MB RAM, dual core and a battery of 2100mAh capacity. Very good for the target utility. But I found it to be a little bit slow during my test for this report.

Galaxy S Duos
Another product of Samsung launched in July 2012 running on Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. A single core. A lower RAM, in built storage capacity than the Grand. And a smaller screen size at 4inches with 5mp camera. Even though all the specs are lower than the Grand 'it does not matter much', does it?

  1. Let us not look much on the Data. We will just mention that it can runs on HSDPA, 3G, and EDGE and GPRS to be use in low signal strength areas. Well, well well, it will serve the purpose in India network even though those techno are not yet available here;
  2. Both batteries will last the whole day. A power bank besides them will be handy;
  3. A complete office package to write your reports/findings and read the note of appreciation you received, while listening to some good music, on the commendable work you did in pdf;
  4. You may convert it into a wifi hotspot to connect your tablet/laptop or even share the connection to your team ;) ;
  5. In built apps to configure your official email and facebook to socialise;
  6. Assisted GPS which can use satellite besides cell tower to track your location, guide you and lead you in your field trip when you are lost;
  7. A caller groups to direct your team and a calender to schedule your busy work life;
  8. Alarm to put you on your toes to achieve your targets and meet deadlines;  and
  9. A calculator to work your cost-benefit analysis.

Concluding remarks
Gadget toh kisai maw boss ka comment ahihleh 'of course, you are buying the device but more so you are buying the technology.'

This is Kamzalian presenting the findings. The choice and decision is yours. Sir.

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