Friday, November 15, 2013

Xolo A500S review

Xolo A500S review
Xolo is related to the chip maker Intel. As for me buying a high ended phone is not worth considering. Having used two BB handset I feel enough is enough and must try my hands on some Android gadgets. After some research I zero in for Xolo A500S. I then compare the price offered in flipkart, cromaretail, vijaysales, kohinoortv, themobilestore etc. I bought it from that not so popular but reliable online store. They gave more discount which I feel is due to their no payment of rent for the physical store. Buy a handset from any store, the next thing after buying is not the store but the service provider or after sale service/customers care center.

  1. Register with your Google account and all your contacts was pushed into your handset!
  2. No unnecessary preinstall apps which makes me likes the handset and of course the company. Just select the skin and there you have the eye catching gadget in your hand. If you need apps, any apps for that matter just install it from the Google's play store.
  3. A dual sim phone where you need not cut small your precious SIM card.
  4. Share your Internet connection with the inbuilt Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  5. The 5mp phone is OK for capturing those previous moments to be uploaded in your facebook account or share it through Whatsapp.

  • Firm up the security with the inbuilt xolo secure to delete or disabled your handset if lost.
  • One of my friends confront me saying that, "He looked up to me and expect no less than an iPhone". I replied, "see I am realistic here. The iPhone cost half a lakh. The best offer is in instalment at Rs.3000 pm for two years. My post paid phone bill is around Rs.500 pm only and I don't think by using that high ended phone will increase my productivity by 2500 in monetary terms. But I don't mind having iPhone as a gift.
  •  I feel that all handset are good these days and no bad phones are there. All Android phones are the same and we need to look at the physical design and robustness.
  • The 5 mp camera is fine. I don't expect a good one this cheap. The front camera is useful to check those make-up of the ladies.
  • The size it screen is more or less the same size with iPhone.
  • For taking screenshot just press the volume down button with your thumb and the power key with your index finger simultaneously.
  • A beep sound will notify the available Wi-Fi when you are in the zone. Msg including whatsapp and viber will beep a different sound.
  • Tabbed browsing is an ease. Just touch the stacked icon at the bottom of screen.
  • Even though there is an apps which monitor other apps eating the juice of your 1400mAh battery, I feel that this apps itself is eating the battery. I disable it and kill the running apps in the background by pressing the home key for sometime to populate the running apps and then swiping them to the left side of the screen with my thumb.

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