Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tips to send email with attachment

I found the following steps to be most useful while sending email with attachment.

1. Attach the material to be attached in the email.
2. Write about the attachment you have just made in the body of the email.
3. Give appropriate subject for the email.
4. Fill up the email id of the recipient to whom it is to be sent to.
5. Read the email. If found to be OK, click the send button.

Let me clarify why I chose to go backward. Missing attachment is the dumbest thing that happens. It do happen and the first steps take care of this. A meaningful writings in the email is necessary. Just write about it, short and crisp. Appropriate subject is all it takes in capturing the attention of the recipient. The last steps, which is typing the correct email id, is equally important. This method of going backward will prevent you from showing your stupidity by sending with no attachment, and incomplete email by clicking send button by mistake (at the spur of the moment). If it does happens you will feel like crying and hitting yourself hard.

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