Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mawa Cake from B. Merwan & Co

B. Merwan & Co
Heard it from a friend that the cake offered by them is delicious. Of course, my wife happens to taste one of the mawa cake. I, along with my wife, went to the shop next to Grant Road local train station in the evening of 15 March 2014 which is Saturday. Khalas; No stock available even for tasting. Basically, we thought of giving a treat to our church members and try placing an order but was informed that order cannot be placed, it’s a take away basis only. Was also informed that we should come in the morning between 5:30 and 8:00 am.
they could manage this much

My wife nudge me at 6:00 am. That is very early by Mumbai standard. I rush out, took the train from Mumbai Central and reach the shop by 6:15am. The shop cum restaurant was packed with customer who wants their share of the ‘mawa cake’. Business is booming. I thought them to be morning walker but I was wrong. Tried hard as I might I was referred to the cashier for permission to buy 80pcs of mawa cake. He politely told me that they want to give the cake to everybody and can give a maximum of 3 dozens (36pcs) to a single customer.
I update my Home Minister (my wife) informing about the condition, the crowd and requested her to come to the shop. With a sleepy voice she at first decline that our daughter is still asleep and could not leave her behind. As I was adamant by seeing the crowd that gathered, she came.

We both tried again by pushing into the crowd. The crowd was so big that the table on which the shop keeper packed the order was at the point of breaking and falling. One elder of the shop owner came to push away the crowd from the serving table.
08:30am and it was clear that we could not get the mawa cake. Went back home dejected. Considering that I need to buy cake/biscuit for the church I venture out again to atleast buy the plum cake in that shop. Arrived at the shop again and order for 10 plum cakes. The shopkeeper seeing my plight. Of my frequent visit to their shop since yesterday told me that he had a separate stock of 3 dozen package of mawa cake. I grab the offer. After consulting his boss, he gave it to me along with 5 pcs of plum cake which cost Rs.70/- per piece and the mawa cake @Rs.10per piece. Feeling achieved, I went home happily. We opened the package and tried mawa cake. It was delicious and awesome. Besides the cake you can have mawa puff, jam and all kinds of biscuits and bread.
mawa cake
That is the shop called B. Merwan and Co.  which was running for the past 100 years since 1914 having another extension in Andheri. One remarkable thing I observed is ‘there is not paper bill’. The person packing your cake (with paper and tie them with thread) will say loudly the bill for you and for the cashier. You then need to pay it to the counter. That is the trust they had on their customer. And the mad rush is a daily happening.

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