Friday, May 16, 2014

Sony screwed me

Sony screwed me
After shifting to new residence, I thought of placing my Sony LCD Tv which was bought in 2010 on table-top . The model of the LCD Tv is KLV 32 NX500. As I misplaced the screws I went to the showroom. They did not have spare screw and also could not tell me the specifications of the screw to be used. Instead, they refer to call the customer care centre. Called up the number right there. It was around 2110hrs and my call was not pick up.
Next day at around 1030hrs, I call up the customer helpline number 1800 103 7799. After being made to press around extension numbers the executive responded, took my case and let me wait for sometime.
He came back on the line telling me the size of the screw: 4mm in diameter. I further asked him, how long should the screw be? He have no idea and repeat '4mm diameter. Information not available.' This really screwed me up and I responded him ' a very funny service'.

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