Saturday, October 4, 2014

A glimpse of Chetan Bhagat's book, Half girlfriend

Half girlfriend

The latest book by the famous Chetan Bhagat. Instead of writing a review, I feel it would be most appropriate to quote those beautiful lines in the novel. It is a love story between a high class Delhite and a poor English speaker Madhav Jha from Dumraon of Bihar. It highlight the backwardness of Bihar, the grassroot situations and whatever matters in Bihar. And the needed work done by Microsoft.
Here are some of the quotable quotes from the novel-

#What are these? I said.
'I had a friend. These are her journals,' he said.
Her journals. Ah. A girlfriend?

#Tiny bumps in time shape our lives.

#Under-confident guys need a go-between to speak to a girl.

# Riya. I loved her short little name. Or may be when you start liking people, you start liking everything about them- from their sweaty eyebrows to their little names.

#Some say there is an exact moment when you fall in love. I didn't know if it was true before, but I do now. This was it.

# ... It is unthinkable for friends to not share every detail about themselves. High class people have this concept called space, which means you cannot ask questions or give them opinions about certain aspects of their life.

# Have you been in love before?
So how do you know this is love?
I summoned my expert panel for an urgent meeting.

# What is your gut feeling?
My gut is bloody confused. That's why I am asking you guys.
An army of intellectual men cannot solve the riddle created by an indecisive women.
My limited experience panel struggled for words.

# Girls never tell you anything straight out anyway. You have to interpolate and extrapolate their response to figure what's on their mind.

# I wanted to say something sensible. I wanted to turn the tide even somewhat in my favor. Of course, God had not given me the brains to do so. Neither was my timing right. A girl giving you her wedding card is basically like a giant 'Game Over' sign flashing in a video game. It is not the time to say you want her back.

# A knock on the door startled us. MLA Ojha came in. Mr Kaushal stood up automatically. Government employees have s servile switch in their brains. It makes them grovel in the presence of netas.

# That was when I spotted a tall girl, her back to me, at the other end of the coffee shop.
At 8:29am when I stood up to leave, was exactly when she had stood up to leave as well.

# She picked up a spoon and took a note of my kulfi. I thought she didn't want anything sweet.
Why do girls do the opposite of what they say they want to do?
She took more bites of the kulfi and ended up eating more of it than me.

# Class ? She said.
I'd rather not talk about it right now.
She raised an eyebrow.
Don't ask the same question twice. Applies both ways, right?
I heard her laugh again, the most beautiful sound in the world.

# Riya took a bite. This is unbelievable.
Her expression made the stall owner's chest swell with pride.
Like it? I laughed, knowing the answer.
Why don't they have this in Delhi? All over India? The world?
Riya said.
Bihari things are not considered cool.
Its a poor state. Nobody wants our things, Or us. Not yet, at least.
From now on I'm eating this everyday.
My mother makes even better litti-choka, I said.

# I looked at her. She had nailed the problem on its head.

# It's a different approach.
I watched her face, pretty as always . Do not fall for her again, I scream in my head.
I will correct you sometimes. It is not that I don't understand you. I just to make sure you say it right.

# But the old me had screwed up big time in the past. So I decided to play it cool.

# Yes thank you very much. And I loved the river ride today.
Which part.
Miss Diplomatic Somani is not that easy a nut to crack, after all.

# Did you think of that in English or Hindi.
The so-called fluent English speaker think in English.

# Thunderous applause. Some of the crowd, including Riya and Mr Gates, stood up.

# Dear Madhav, I want you to remain calm when you read this. And, I'd possible, be calm afterwards too.
The first time, it wasn't the right time. The second time, well, I have no time.
I love you Madhav Jha. And will do so to my last day.
Bye, Madhav. Take care

# Something is broken inside me. I don't have the equipment or wiring or whatever one needs to fall in love anymore.

# My marriage is over.

# I called her home in Delhi. She really has disappeared from everywhere.

# Mr Jha, what is the purpose of your visit to the United States?
To find the love of my life, I wanted to say.

# If I didn't get a cab, I would not be able to reach West Village.
Don't think. Don't listen to sense. Just run.

# It took a few seconds to spot the singer.
It was her.


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Girlfriends come and go, thank God mothers don't break up with you...