Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jet flight no 9W 436

Jet flight no 9W 436.
Boarded this flight from Mangalore for my journey to Mumbai.
There was this smart lady Michelle who happens to be the cabin incharge. Our conversation at the entrance of the plane while boarding the flight goes like this. She check my boarding pass, read my name and said.
'Hi, which part of the country are you from?
From Manipur.
Ei ham na het ham?
ii ka he ei.
Dan leh kiho hite. Na seat no izat ham?
33F ahi ze.
I am impressed and like her in-flight announcements.

When deboarding the flight I walked up to her with my phone ready for selfie. She was checking the list of her passengers.
Hi Michelle, let's take a selfie. Click.
Hoi lai akon na hi ham? Kangpokpi a kon ka hi ei.
Kei Lamka apan ka hi.

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