Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Steps to file ITR1_PR1 for the FY 2014-15/AY 2015-16

1.      Download excel file ITR1_PR1 from Income tax website.
2.      The first sheet is named Income Details wherein you need to enter your personal details.
3.      Indicate the Income Tax Ward/Circle followed by your Aadhaar number.
4.      The fields that we need to fill it up are marked in greenish color.
5.      Fill up your Income from Salary/Pension, Income from House property and Deductions under Chapter VI A consisting of Section 80 and relief under Section 89, if any.
6.      Without calculating the Tax, Jump Straight to next sheet named TDS and enters the TAN and name of your Employer along with the income and total deducted by them as given in your Form 16. If you are having income other than Salary fill it up as given in your Form 16A.
7.      Now go to the next sheet Taxes paid and Verification. Remember to fill in the green cells only. First give the number of bank accounts maintained by you. Give the IFSC, (name of bank will come automatically after entering IFSC) and your account number and indicate whether it is a saving/current account from the drop down list. (If excess tax paid by you, refund will be made here into this account)
8.      Now fill in your father’s name and place of filing with date.
9.      If and only if you contribute/donate under Section 80G go to the next sheet 80G, else ignore this sheet.
10.  Now go to the sheets starting from the first sheet and Validate them by clicking the Validate button, then validate the TDS sheet and the two other sheets.
11.  After validation and all is found in order, Click on Calculate Tax in the first sheet. Now check sl no 24, 25 in sheet Taxes paid and Verification. If there is a tax payable (value other than zero, pay it. But if there is a value in sl no 25, just be happy; you have funded India and will be paid back to you into the bank account given by you under sl no 27 as indicated above.
12.  Now Generate XML file from the first sheet. Save it from the pop up sheet.
13.  Now log into your account in https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/
14.  Select the ITR1 and AY as 2015-16. Browse the XML file saved by you and upload.
15.  Download; open the ITRV with the password YOURPANddmmyyyy. Sign it in the capacity of Individual and send it by post to:
Income Tax Department - CPC,
Post Bag No - 1, Electronic City Post Office,
Bengaluru - 560100,

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