Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 188: Protest against the three anti tribal bills of Manipur

Had the opportunity to be in the 188th day Dharna against anti Tribal bills of Manipur State on 06 March 2016 in Jantar Mantar, Delhi. Grab the opportunity to lead the group singing along with Biakkhanmang Guite, and Thangkhanlal Ngaihte who beat the tribal drum. Being from outside Delhi, I was given the privilege to speak. I stood up, grab the mic from Ms Kimte Guite who anchored the meeting. This is what I shared: 

I feel privileged to be here with you all in our stand against the unconstitutional treatment meted out  to us. Firstly, I give salute to the nine martyrs and the leaders of Delhi who organised this voicing our inalienable rights. I inform the house my support to our tribal movement. It is important and necessary to fight against the three anti tribal bills. More so, the need to fight for a separate administration. Sixth Schedule under the Constitution of India could be the best for us. If we kill the three bills, another bill, many more bills will arise. We have limited strength to fight against all the upcoming anti tribal bills. Let us continue to stand united and fight for Sixth Schedule. This, I feel strongly, will nullify all the existing bills and all the bills yet to come. Let me quote one hit songs of the 1980s. Titled The Living Years sung by the band The Mike and the Mechanics. It goes something like this- 
Every generation, 
Blames the one before. 
And all of their frustrations 
Come beating on your door... 

This song makes me realise that our future, our next generation, our sons and daughter's life depend on us. What we do and did not do today will decide their life. How will I answer all the 'Whys and Hows?' of our life, their life, our behavior and their lot which will be in their days. I beseech and request us all to think, search and question ourselves of our current thought process, behavior and action or no action. Let us strengthen each other. Let us strengthen ourselves in the Lord God like King David in our fight. Our dream of separate administration may not be far away. Let us fight. Fight and Fight. I did not have much to say but the need for unity in our continued fight. To conclude, let me proposed one slogan. I will say Tribal Unity and you all respond with Long live. 

Tribal Unity-Long live. 
Tribal Unity-Long live. 
Tribal Unity-Long live. 

Thank you.

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