Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Paperless, yes no paper at all

Paperless, yes no paper at all
Decided to port my mobile connection to one of the best network service providers, Vodafone. 
Initiated the request by typing an SMS in the required format PORT (my number) from my phone by sending to 1900 and received Unique Porting Code. With this information, I went to Vodafone Store. Paid Rs.10/- for the new SIM card, told them my Aadhaar number which was then fed into their online module by the service staff of Vodafone and got authenticated with my thumb scan. I need not submit any documents for identity proof, address proof including my passport photo. I also did not sign any document thus saving ink also! Discussed the various plan with them and went home. 
Receive a phone call from my existing mobile network service provider to confirm my decision of opting out. I do tell them that I want to opt out from their network due to weak signals at my residence and in my work place, BKC.
I now transfer my balance in units of Rs.50/- to my sister for a couple of days keeping my balance stands at Rs.3.65/-.
The day has come. Had a connectivity issues. Friends dialing my number reported that my number is 'not available'. Around 2:30pm on 6th March 2017 the signal bar indicator in my hand set went off. I then replaced it with the new SIM taken from the new network Vodafone. Dialing 59059 to verify and activate. Then top up to start speaking through the new network. Hello...

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